Sunday, June 18, 2006

Accepted into Princeton!

Who'll be teaching classes in "international crisises diplomacy" at Princeton this fall, as well as contributing to the Council on Foreign Relations, a oft-cited(by the MSM, of course) liberal think tank? Why, none other than high school dropout and recently deposed German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer !

The Bush administration didn't much like what Joschka Fischer had to say during the Iraq war. So what will Washington say now that the former German foreign minister is trading his parliament seat for a professor's cap at Princeton? This fall, Fischer will teach the next generation of American elites about international crisis diplomacy at the university.

Fischer will begin his new job as a guest professor at the Ivy League institution....

Well, as long as you hate conservatives, I guess you are eligible to teach at Princeton.

At David Medienkritik, they remind Joschka what the situation might be like had the world followed the guidance of his far-left Green party:

Unfortunately for Mr. Fischer, not everyone has forgotten that his policies would have left Saddam Hussein and his sadistic sons in power for decades to come with little or no hope of democratic change in the region. Not everyone has forgotten that the German government believed that Iraq had WMD and was close to building a nuclear weapon. If anything, Mr. Fischer was Saddam's secret helper, and for that he should be held accountable.

The late Michael Kelly wrote about Fischer back in 2003:

Mr. Fischer, who are you?

You are the foreign minister of Germany. You have been that since 1998, when Germany's left-wing Greens party, of which you are a leader, won enough in the polls to force the Social Democratic Party into the so-called Red-Greens coalition government.
But for the formative years of your political life, you were no man in a blue government suit. You were a man in a black motorcycle helmet. That is what you were wearing on that day in April 1973 when you were photographed, to quote the New Left historian Paul Berman, "as a young bully in a street battle in Frankfurt."
{link to Fausta for the photo}

As Berman reported, Mr. Fischer, you rose in public life as an important figure in the anti-American, anti-liberal, neo-Marxist, revolution-minded German radical left of the generation of 1968

In 1969, you attended the meeting of the Palestine Liberation Organization in which the PLO resolved that its ultimate aim was the extinction of Israel -- that is to say, the extinction or expulsion of the Jews of Israel.

This is whom Princeton feels is qualified to be awarded a professorship...the question, of course, is why does this once-prestigious university feel it to be their duty to recruit undistinguished street thugs from abroad to impose anti-American theology and values to the next generation of adults? What kind of vision, exactly, does Princeton have for the future of America?

Hiring Joschka Fischer says a lot about what the minds at Priceton think of their country; and which direction they, and the liberal elite, would like to see it head...

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