Saturday, June 10, 2006

Jenin, Jenin, everywhere!

Jihadis worldwide know that the Western liberal media just loves scandals in which they can eat their own. So they are providing them, and like lemmings, the press rushes to report every tainted account they can dredge up, the more horrifically anti-Western the better. They never learned the lesson of the mythical "Massacre of Jenin", most likely because they so dearly wanted it to be true (see Dan Rather/falsified Bush documents!).

So we have Haditha, where U.S. Marines are dragged into Leavenworth based upon charges by some of the most vile anti-Americans left alive in Iraq, with very little proof and virtually no physical evidence (no one in Haditha will allow a body to be exhumed to check if they really were executed at gunpoint, oddly enough - those Muslim customs, you know...). The media salivates at the chance to bash American servicemen/women and throw accusations that the "coverup" went, you know, "all they way up the ladder".

And now we have the "incident on the beach" in Gaza, where the media is running gleefully with the claims that the Israelis knowingly shelled a beach full of civilians. Now, Hamas has declared the "truce" is off, and it is all Israel's fault, don't you know! Except, of course, like Jenin, this story is beginning to fall apart as well. From Atlas:

...Israel is investigating. But Mark Regev, the Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman who said that Israel believes such shelling of civilians to be unacceptable also told the BBC that naval or air shelling have been ruled out. Other possibilities are explored. In the meantime Hamas vows to end the unilateral cease fire with Israel.

The BBC also features an eyewitness by a jounalist named Sami Yousef who just happened to be on the beach during the shelling. He ends his account thus:
I've heard people in the last few hours calling for revenge. If an attack happens inside Israel it will make them a little bit happy. It might also make them reject the referendum planned by [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud] Abbas. Do I smell a Hamas member exploiting an opportunity (with BBC acquiescence) or is it something more sinister?

Sounds like something more sinister; like Jenin, all of a sudden the Palestinians refuse to co-operate with the investigation:

IDF sources say Palestinians have not disclosed information regarding exact location, time of explosion that killed seven civilians on north Gaza beach; ‘this makes it very difficult to form clear picture of what happened,’
IDF sources said Saturday that the Palestinians are not cooperating in the investigation of the Gaza beach

And what do we have here? Perhaps this was nothing more than one of those infamous Palestinian "work accidents":

As the IDF continued its investigation into the cause of the explosion that killed seven Palestinians on a Gaza beach on Friday, with the initial assumption being that an errant artillery shell was to blame, Defense Minister Amir Peretz said Saturday night that it was possible the blast was an "internal Palestinian incident." IDF officers said that an "internal Palestinian incident" referred to the possibility that terrorists had fired a Kassam rocket which went off target and hit the crowded Gaza beach between Sudaniya and Beit Lahiya

Amazing - we may compare the finger pointing to Jenin, but this event (with Hamas' subsequent declaration of war) seems little different from Poland's "attack" on a German military outpost that "started" WWII. Yet this time, the West offers nary a peep in response. Will the media correct its rush-to judgement reporting, or will they just let it sit there, in order not to upset their pre-determined storyline?
Alas, you know the truth as well as I - but how many Marines may suffer, how many Jews may be slaughtered, how much more blood must be shed, to appease the media's rapacious hunger to devour their peoples?

Jenin, Jenin, everywhere....

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