Saturday, March 18, 2006

Saturday Morning Racism!

Eugene Robinson in the Washington Post discusses the horrors of a black women running for president as a Republican; and of course it is never about the issues, only about the color of one's skin:

...Even if she [ Rice] secretly does want to run, I think she'd have to be smoking something to believe all those Republicans who've been telling pollsters how peachy it would be to have a black woman at the head of their presidential ticket. This is the party, after all, that built its solid South through coded appeals to whites who felt threatened by the nameless, dark Other.
Then again, you should have seen the rock-star reception she got from an overwhelmingly white crowd last fall when she flipped the coin at a University of Alabama football game.

I think it's inevitable that Rice will eventually enter politics. The question for the Democratic Party will be how black voters react...
...The truth is that nobody knows how voters would respond to a black woman who loyally serves an administration so reviled in the black community.
And would those cheering, white 'Bama football fans check her name when they're in the privacy of the voting booth?

So we learn from Robinson that the Republican Party is built on racism (although why accomplished blacks like Condi and Colin Powell joined this party is not discussed), Republicans are "reviled" by blacks (even thought Bush increased his percentage of the black vote in 2004), and that while white folk may cheer for Condi at a football game, when behind the voting curtain, their natural racist tendencies will take over and force them to vote against Condi, no matter how much they agree with her on the issues, because she's black.

Wow! Thanks for clearing this up for me, Mr. Robinson! I thought I would love to vote for a brilliant woman like Condi - a former Harvard Provost, accomplished musician, national Security Advisor and Secretary of State - to represent me as President of the United States. Now I know that because she is black, I will instead vote for any white moron who passes by, you know, because despite Condi's overwhelming qualifications...she's black.

What a racist punk Robinson is. A classic liberal PC thug; who removes every variable from the equation except skin color, and then uses it to inflame and antagonize. He should be marching and shouting slogans with Farrakhan and Sharpton (and Harry Belefonte!), not afforded space on an op-ed page. At the very least, could the WaPost counter him with a Stanley Crouch, or some other black columnist not full of smothering anger and hatred against whitey?

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Malott said...

Great post.
I wish she would run. There are so many of us conservatives that are just itching to show that we would vote for a black and a woman... one who shares our values and deserves our support.