Saturday, March 25, 2006

Our Favorite Racist; And Hillary as Joan of Arc!

The Washington Post's Eugene Robinson is at it again, with another racist diatribe against black conservatives. Last week, he told us that Condi could never be elected President, because all those dirty white conservatives who claim to love her would revert to their hatin' ways as soon as the voting booth curtain was closed. Today, he knocks Claude Allen, the president's former top domestic policy adviser, recently arrested for what was essentially shoplifting:

So, yes, when Allen was arrested on felony theft charges, my first reaction was smug satisfaction. But then I told myself: Don't hate. The proper reaction is pity, on every level.

I'm sure Mr. Allen appreciates your pity. But here comes the hate anyway:

...since black conservatives with credentials like Claude Allen's are relatively rare, they are in great demand and tend to rise fast. They have to balance their genuine political beliefs against the fact that the Jesse Helmses of the world love to have them around as window dressing so they can say, "Look, I'm not racist; here's this black person on my staff."

Thanks, Eugene! Now whenever I see a prominent black conservative, I know he has not reached his pinnacle due to hard work or principled ideals, but because he/she is nothing more than a token negro, put in place to deflect charges of Republican racism! Just like Condi Rice and Colin Powell, right, Eugene?

One should ask themselves why the Democrats cannot attract strong black leaders like the aforementioned two; the best they can do is parade around Fat Al Sharpton, and ignore his anti-Semitic past (Robinson certainly does). Is it because upwardly mobile minorities of all stripes realize they are better off in the meritocracy of the conservative system, than the eternal mediocrity granted by the victim status bestowed upon them by the Democratic left?

Take a look at black Republicans running for office in 2006; and compare them to likes of Democrats such as Cynthia McKinney and Charles Rangel...whom would you prefer as a representative?

Eugene Robinson, racist punk that he is, claims obliquely that Allen was driven to crime due to "some of the strains and contradictions he had to live with". Mr. Allen may have had problems, but his conservative beliefs were not the cause of them. For Robinson to claim that a black man cannot be a Republican without snapping under the stress shows how far he will reach in an attempt to connive the black population into continuing its stay on the Democratic plantation...

UPDATE: Richard Cohen, also in the Washington Post, applies the same liberal divisive ideology to the polarizing Hillary Clinton:

But for one person to be so loved, so hated, and of such compelling interest -- so much more a celebrity than, say, John McCain -- suggests that more than politics is involved. Like Marie Antoinette, Hillary has emerged as the repository of so many fears, so much dread, such aspirations -- so much good and bad -- that we have to look past her office or her ambitions and suggest, strongly, that something deeply Freudian is at work. It was Freud, after all, who spoke for all men (and many women) by asking, "What do women want?" Now -- some fear, others hope -- we may finally have the answer.
The White House.

So that's it! I always thought I disliked Hillary for her attempts to socialize medicine and child-rearing, to raise taxes with breakfast every morning, and to generally stick her nose into everyone's home to make sure they are living life the Hillary way. But No! I dislike Hillary because she's a women - and because according to Cohen, I'm not capable of forming an opinion independant of my most basest sexist impulses.

Cohen should talk with Eugene Robinson, and lecture him on his Condi-rage - after all, isn't the root cause of Robinson's dismissal of Rice as a candidate his underlying fear of a women President? Doesn't his constant condemnation of Rice (and all black Republicans) speak to Cohen's fear that those whom bash female candidates are women-haters? Or will Cohen offer Robinson a pass, because his misogyny is directed towards a black Republican woman, and not everyone's favorite white Democratic female?

Liberals work so hard on focusing on, and exploiting, the things that may divide us, that it is good sport to watch them create fissures between themselves...

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Anonymous said...

"Liberals work so hard on focusing on, and exploiting, the things that may divide us, that it is good sport to watch them create fissures between themselves..."

Yeah right, Karl Rove never did anything to exploit the things that may divide us. What planet do you live on? Perhaps you should try holding the mirror up to yourself before aim your little Fox-bites at libruls.