Friday, January 27, 2006

Hamas Takes Over

Democracy is a beautiful thing; people will always wind up with the government they deserve. And so it goes with the Palestinians, as they elected the murderous Hamas outfit as their leadership. Well, the German people filled the Reichstag with Nazis as early as 1933 in relatively free elections; they knew exactly whom they were voting for and what was promised, as do the Palestinians. The Palestinians have voted for hatred and war, and like their Nazi bretheren, they will get both of them.

War is at hand; there is no turning back. Iranian leader Ahmadinejad flies to Syria to form an alliance (Wait! I thought Islamists and secular ba'athists could never form alliances; that's why al-Qaeda could not have operated out of Iraq! Right? Right?) against America and Isreal, while praising the terrorist thugs based there for their war against the Jews. The Palestinians elect a group of murderous gangsters whose very existance is predicated on the destruction of Isreal. Their border with Egypt is allowed to remain porous, so the weaponry to fight their declared war can be amassed. And while American troops battle back a vicious Islamist insurgancy in Iraq, Iran builds nukes, with the avowed intention of using them. In Europe, leaders sit paralized with fear as developments unfold around them (the 1930's, again), watching helplessly as Islamist hordes attempt to re-take the continent town by town, city by city.

And via Gateway Pundit, we have Jimmy Carter, the 21st Century's Neville Chamberlain, urging countries to break international law in order to fund these warmakers:

"The Palestinian Government is destitute, and in desperate financial straits. I hope that support for the new government will be forthcoming," Carter said at a Jerusalem press conference.
He added that if international law barred donor countries from directly funding a Hamas-led government than the US and the EU should bypass the Palestinian Authority and provide the "much-needed" money to the Palestinians via non-governmental channels such as UN agencies.

"Regardless of the government, I would hope that potential donors find alternative means to be generous to the Palestinian people [even] if the donor decides to bypass the Palestinian government completely," Carter said, stressing that his main concern was to avert the "suffering" of the Palestinian people, which he said could lead to a new cycle of violence

So this buck-toothed slacked-jawed hayseed is asking nations to flaunt international law to help protect a people from the consequences of their own actions? A people who are deliberately choosing war over peace?
He's already given them a built in-excuse to continue the war agianst the Jews - after all, it will be their "suffering" that will cause Hamas to lash out against Isreali women and children, right? Must be true, Jimmy has already told us so.
Carter has always held the Jews in disdain; it is refreshing to actually see him come out of the closet honestly and beg for funds for his green-flagged children of the swastika.

Remember, the Democrats put 'ol peanut-head in a place of high honor in the 2004 convention (right next to Michael Moore); I would like to hear what they have to say about his policies today.
And when the dam gives way, and the next world war breaks upon us, have no doubt upon whose side our traitorous Democratic ex-President will be standing.
It will not be ours.

Gateway Pundit here:

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Malott said...

Thank you, I'm thoroughly depressed now.

But you stated it well... its bad news no matter how you look at it.