Sunday, January 08, 2006

Brokeback Mountain - Love It, Or Else!

That's the message that GLADD is putting out there! With almost every film critic swooning over this tale of homosexual cowpokes; GLADD is going after the few that don't toe the PC line:

For the most part, the critics agree that Brokeback Mountain is one of the year's most commendable films.
Then there's Gene Shalit's point of view.
The veteran Today show critic has been taken to task by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation over his negative review of the gay cowboy western, in which he referred to
Jake Gyllenhaal' s character, Jack, as a "sexual predator" who "tracks Ennis down and coaxes him into sporadic trysts."
The group claimed that Shalit's statements, delivered during his "Critic's Choice" segment on Thursday's Today show, promoted "defamatory anti-gay prejudice to a national audience," and criticized NBC News for providing the eccentric critic with a platform from which to air his views.
"Shalit's bizarre characterization of Jack as a 'predator' and Ennis as a victim reflects a fundamental lack of understanding about the central relationship in the film and about gay relationships in general," GLAAD said in a statement. ..

GLAAD demanded an apology from both Shalit and NBC News and urged supporters to contact the network and complain.
In addition to offering his searing analysis of the romantic relationship between the lead characters, Shalit commended Ledger's performance in Brokeback and allowed that the film had a "few dramatic peaks." He concluded that Ang Lee' much-nominated oeuvre was "wildly overpraised, but not by me." "wildly overpraised, but not by me."
The group reported on its Website that GLAAD representatives had spoken with a Today show producer, who promised to bring their concerns to Shalit's attention.

Now, I have yet to see the movie, so I cannot comment on how "out of school" Shalit's remarks were. But when 99% of the world's critics are ga-ga over gay cowboys, why does GLADD have to ostracize the few that have the temerity to disagree? And looking back to my previous post, with radical Islam sworn to destroy gays, why is GLADD focusing on the relatively harmless remarks of one movie critic ("eccentric", is how he is described in the above article - that's your label when you dare to stray politically), when the radical Imans of Islam publically declare their intent to destroy you?

Sigh..the Gay Mafia silencing dissenting thought with the approval of the liberal media...who would have dreamed it would come to this?

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Unknown said...

They don't care about the negative review. What they care about is the LIE that Jack Twist plays the role of a sexual predator. The entire relationship is mutual.

By the way - Jack Twist gets his head bashed in at the end of the movie.

Hey - you don't want to see the movie - so I thought I'd ruin the ending for you.

Homophobic prick.

The JerseyNut said...

Homophobic? Where do you see one homophobic remark in this post? Or the previous one?

You actually prove my point nicely - calling me a "homophobic prick" for pointing out the inconsistancies within homosexual advocacy groups, while ignoring the true perils to your very existence.
Just another angry liberal New Yorker, finding things to be insulted about - can't you define yourself any other way?