Sunday, January 29, 2006

Clash of Civilizations - Sunday Roundup

Gerard Baker at TimesUK lays it down, chillingly:

If Iran gets safely and unmolested to nuclear status, it will be a threshold moment in the history of the world, up there with the Bolshevik Revolution and the coming of Hitler. What the country itself may do with those weapons, given its pledges, its recent history and its strategic objectives with regard to the US, Israel and their allies, is well known. We can reasonably assume that the refusal of the current Iranian leadership to accept the Holocaust as historical fact is simply a recognition of their own plans to redefine the notion as soon as they get a chance (“Now this is what we call a holocaust”). But this threat is only, incredibly, a relatively small part of the problem.
...Iran, of course, secure now behind its nuclear wall, will surely step up its campaign of terror around the world. It will become even more of a magnet and haven for terrorists. The terror training grounds of Afghanistan were always vulnerable if the West had the resolve. Protected by a nuclear-missile-owning state, Iranian camps will become impregnable.

...Because in the end, preparation for war, by which I mean not military feasibility planning, or political and diplomatic manoeuvres but a psychological readiness, a personal willingness on all our parts to bear the terrible burdens that it will surely impose, may be our last real chance to ensure that we can avoid one.

Although I agree with Mr. Baker's last paragraph, I deem it unlikely that Mr. Bush can adequately prepare us for war (he failed miserably in the lead-up to Iraq), or that his liberal opponants would allow him - there would always be an appeasement solution to push, you see...

And via Fausta's Bad Hair Blog, we get a little insight into newly elected Hamas parlimentrian Um Nidal:

she...participated in a farewell ceremony in which she sent her 17-year-old son to die through terror, "ordering him not to return except as a shahid [martyr for Allah]." In an interview recorded after her son murdered five Israeli teenagers in a suicide mission, she explained that it was a mother's love for her son that motivated her to be joyous over his Shahada death.

Fausta says pointedly,

When mothers send their children to die - and are applauded for it -it is clear to all that the Palestinians are not yet ready to join the ranks of the civilized world.

Need more proof? Via World War IV Daily, get a list of Hamas atrocities, and remember that the Palestinians elected these folks to represent them to the world. What little sympathy I once had for these people has quickly evaporated...Here's just one month's worth of Hamas' exploits:

March 31, 2002 - A suicide bomber detonated himself at the "Matzah"restaurant in Haifa. Fifteen Israeli civilians were killed and 31 were wounded.
March 27, 2002 - A suicide bomber blew himself up with an explosive belt inthe Park Hotel in Netanya. Thirty Israeli civilians were killed and 144 were wounded.
March 9, 2002 - A suicide bomber detonated an explosive device strapped to his body at the entrance of the "Moment Café" in Jerusalem. Eleven Israeli civilians were killed and 58 were wounded.

Read it all; it's absolutely sickening... here:

And finally, Europe gets ready to surrender to their new Muslim masters. Norway leads the pack, apologizing to the Muslim world for having a free press...via The Brussels Journal (here: ), their foreign minister speaks, from his knees:

I am sorry that the publication of a few cartoons in the Norwegian paper Magazinet has caused unrest among Muslims. I fully understand that these drawings are seen to give offence by Muslims worldwide. Islam is a spiritual reference point for a large part of the world. Your faith has the right to be respected by us... Freedom of expression is one of the pillars of Norwegian society. This includes tolerance for opinions that not everyone shares. At the same time our laws and our international obligations enforce restrictions for incitement to hatred or hateful expressions."

How about our rights to a press free of government pressure, Mr. Minister? Shouldn't those fundamental rights be respected by Muslims? Or is this only a one way street, where the West can only beg for forgiveness? And on a side note, did you know Norway is one of the few Western countries whom have vowed to continue working with Hamas, with no stipulations? What good dhimmis!

The clash of civilizations is coming; and it is gonna be harsh - maybe Mr. Bush should start preparing us now, so we are ready for what inevitably awaits us down the road...

Fausta, my new favorite Jersey girl, can be found here:
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