Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Will Obama Lose Wisconsin and North Carolina in 2012? Oh, You Betcha!

Some bad, bad omens last night for President Barack Obama in what was essentially a meaningless Republican primary in Wisconsin.

The night was supposed to be all about the Democrats, and their battle to take on Governor Scott Walker in the June recall election (cost to state taxpayers to usurp democracy: $16M+).  But a funny thing happened:

...there was a surprise on the Republican side, a big one. Scott Walker faced only a fringe candidate in the Republican primary, one who posed no threat to him. Indeed, Walker won with 97 percent of the vote.

But Walker’s vote total (with 94 percent of the vote counted) was 584,929. The entire Democratic field, in a hard-fought contest, garnered only 596,089 votes. In other words, an awful lot of people turned out to support the governor and his reforms in an election he was sure to win anyway.

Jeez, maybe the people of Wisconsin don't want to be slaves to public-sector unions after all.  Maybe they don't think Democratic officials fleeing their duties while mobs occupy the capitol is what "democracy looks like".   How...unexpected.

A closer look:

In an election in which Walker ran essentially unopposed, Walker garnered about 15,000 more votes than Falk and Barrett combined. Republican voters had absolutely nothing to vote for, and yet they turned out in droves to send a message.

What's going to happen in November, when they actually do have something to vote for (or even against)?

And as Barack Obama prepares to "evolve" his position on gay marriage (only Republicans "flip-flop"), he seems ready to cede the great state of North Carolina, which he won by a whisker in 2008.  Residents voted 61%-39% last night to effectively ban gay marriage, and this was the lead photo & caption  in the local dailies:

Dr. Patrick Wooden Sr. pastor of the Upper Room Church of God In Christ and his wife Pamela Wooden celebrate early returns that show strong support for Amendment One during an election night party at the N. Raleigh Hilton on Tuesday May 8, 2012.

Not quite the stupid, intolerant rednecks the Left warned you about, are they?  Oh, what to do, Barack, what to do....!

Too bad you already left a deposit on the 2012 convention in Charlotte, NC - but then again, you do have a lot of other people's money...can you move it to Madison, perhaps?

Not sure if thousands of out-of-towners in garish dress screaming "gay marriage now!" is going to warm the hearts of the people who just said no thanks, not fact, they might even view it as a bit disrespectful, you know?   Might even give them extra incentive to come out to vote in November, just...not for you.

All this, while the president is humiliated in West Virginia.  The stark omens of a Carter-esque defeat are there for all to see.  Fortunately, the president is too self-involved to notice, and the media continues to flatter his majesty, keeping him blind to the rout on the horizon...

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drew458 said...

Ach, crivens, you missed the one chance life gave you to write "a funny thing happened on the way to the forum" and get away with it ... but that film might be too old for you to remember.

Oh well. It's good to see the leftist step on their own dicks though.