Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lang Lang: Loser

Lang Lang is a Chinese pianist, and a fave of the rich limousine liberal crowd - at least those who fancy themselves as "patron of the arts". Which includes the media, of course, which praises him and themselves while knocking us:

It is often noted that Lang Lang successfully straddles two worlds – classical prodigy and rock-like "superstar", a phenomenon summed up by The Times journalist Emma Pomfret, who wrote, "I can think of no other classical artist who has achieved Lang Lang's broad appeal without dumbing down."

Lang caters to this crowd, and appears to live for the glory of playing the role of "court pianist" to the rich, famous, and politically well-connected. His lust for their approval appears to outweigh any other concerns, including the morality of his patrons.
Jay Nordlinger:

Lang Lang will play for Obama and Hu. He tends to do that. He played at the Beijing Olympics. He played at Obama’s Nobel ceremony. He played at the White House event for Paul McCartney, in which McCartney made those asinine anti-Bush remarks, and Lang Lang and everybody else laughed like hyenas.

The point being:

He’d rather entertain for the gulag-masters than criticize them.

Yup, the
Laogai still exist in China, and have seen anywhere from 15-27 million die within their walls. Yet Lang will be the despot's piano monkey tonight, playing desperately for him in hopes of a winning smile or nod of approval from the cruel Hu.

Lang Lang may have the love of the Left at the moment, but they are no longer ascendant, neither politically, morally, or philosophically. The regime in China will one day fall too, and Lang Lang will likely find himself in permanent exile,
like others who sold their talent and souls for the momentary thrill of rubbing shoulders with power...

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