Saturday, July 10, 2010

Suing Arizona

Maybe the best thing about the Obama Administration's decision to sue the state of Arizona for daring to enforce the law is how clearly it is illuminating the deep divisions between the American president and the American people.

Even his "own" people, as in the blue-staters for whom Obama was The One they had been waiting for. We've seen New Jersey and Massachusetts flip; and we've seen the Democrats wave it off. But can they so easily dismiss this show of support for the state of Arizona form the state of ....New York?

New Yorkers are among the most generous donors to a legal defense fund set up to fight President Obama's challenge to Arizona's crackdown on illegal immigrants.

Nearly 300 New Yorkers have ponied up $11,956 online to the fund that this week had raised almost $700,000, according to numbers compiled by the Arizona Governor's Office.

Donors from only five other states have given more to the effort than New Yorkers. And four of the five states that gave more are on the southern border.

What's most laughable about this whole lawsuit is that it is primarily a political exercise; one that the Democrats have openly hoped will motivate Hispanic voters to come to the polls in the midterm elections to save their jobs.

But maybe not:

Steven Padin, a cop from Buffalo, donated $10 as a "symbolic" gesture.

"I feel very strongly about the security of this country," he said.

Like many of those giving to the fund, Padin is a strong proponent of legal immigration.

Ironically, he is Hispanic, with Puerto Rican roots.

But he simply cannot understand why the federal government does not secure the borders.

Every year, the 25-year veteran of the Buffalo Police Department travels to Mexico and other countries south of the border on a volunteer goodwill mission to teach police tactics.

On one of his trips, he got to know a man who wants to come to America legally.

"He was an honest person, hardworking. He wants to come here the honest route," Padin said.
But his application is stuck at the end of a very long line, while millions illegally pour over the border.

It is an injustice, and Americans hate injustice, regardless of what ethnicity the Democrats try to tag them with. Obama and his cadres, whose primary interaction with Hispanics is with lobbyists for ethnic identity groups, fails to see the concern within the Hispanic communities over illegal immigration.

I work with many Hispanics, we talk about it all the time. Illegals flock to their communities as to blend in; parents fear for their children as the two-bedroom apartment next door becomes host to a dozen illegals or more - are they hard workers or career criminals? Nobody knows, and with a president advocating a "don't ask, don't tell" policy towards illegals, it is the American Hispanic population that is becoming scared, victimized, and terrorized, while being politically patronized.

Our Great Uniter is becoming a Great Divider; it's about all he has left to save his party and himself. De-Americanize all, set them at each other's throats based on race and ethnicity, and hope that enough of them vote Democratic when the smoke clears.

But based upon the reaction to the Arizona lawsuit, all Americans collectively are going after one throat. And it ain't Arizona's...

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