Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Media's Hate Crime Against Beautiful Women...

...I could be talking about their vicious, sexually-tinged attacks on folks like Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, and former Miss California Carrie Prejeen, but those attacks are aimed at conservative women, and as any good-standing member of JournoList can tell you, it's OK to rape a conservative female - their political identification is the equivalent, in the liberal mind, of "asking for it".

No, I am talking about the media's bastardization of the ideal of female beauty. In the days of the great masters of the Renaissance, women of beauty were depicted as full-figured, full-bosomed and wide-bottomed, with a glass of wine in one hand and a bunch of grapes in the other, in case you didn't get the point.

Now, the only women that can be considered "hot" are size zeros or less. No hips, no curves, no bountiful bosoms allowed. More girl-ish, than woman-ish (and you wonder why the entirety of the Hollywood/MSM remains in full-throated support of Roman Polanski?). Should some young late-teen/early 20's starlet put on ten pounds as they are filling out from an adolescent (girl's) figure to an adult (woman's) figure, they are pilloried by the media as becoming "fat", complete with unflattering photos taken while said starlet shleps in sweats to grab the morning paper.

And thus, we have a generation of women who are attuned to a body style that is both unnatural, and, to many men, unattractive. Our generation of women, who are otherwise beautifu,l deem themselves to be unattractive as they engage in all sorts of obsessive-compulsive disorders in order to attain an unhealthy, undernourished "look" that the media tells them is the only one acceptable.

Neo-neocon discussed this yesterday and included a picture of Crystal Renn, who is considered "plus sized" and is involved in a controversy as to why her pictures were altered in order to make this obvious "fat chick" look thinner:

Who in their right mind would call this women anything less than stunning? My god, those curves....

So I plead with any women reading this post today to please - please - feel free to have that extra chocolate chip cookie this morning, grab that cool ice-cream cone on this blistering hot summer day, and don't count the calories in that ice-cold beer you are thinking about guzzling to beat the heat. You are beautiful before you eat/drink it, you will still be beautiful afterwards. And remember - every extra topping is a slap in the face at the metrosexuals and spinsters in the mainstream media, who mock you because they know they can never have you - or, in the cases of the spinsters, can never look as attractive to the vast majority of men as you can.

And it is in this spirit that I give you (via When Falls the Coliseum, as well as here and here), pictures of London Andrews, who has what I maintain to be the perfect female "look": That of being an aware, awake, adult woman:

Rule 5 material? Oh, you betcha!


Anonymous said...

Much like reading Playboy, I skipped most of your article and jumped right to the photos.

"Plus-sized" chicks forever, man!!!

I'm sure your post was very good as well. Remind me to read it someday.

Right Truth said...

I've never had a weight problem, always been tall and thin, but to call the young lady in the first image "plus size" is crazy.

Right Truth

The JerseyNut said...

Lucky Debbie!