Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rush Holt Walks Down J-Street

Ah, J-Street. If you haven't heard, J-Street is a far-left "pro-Israel" interest group, who always seems to side with Israel's enemies. To wit:

-It has opposed sanctions on Iran, a nation that promises a second (sorry, first) Holocaust. Sanctions that virtually every civilized nation believes are necessary, mind you.

-J-Street opposed Israel's defensive war against Hamas, criticized Israel's incursion into Gaza as "disproportionate."

-they drew "a moral equivalence" between Israel and Hamas when the lobby group said during Israel's recent campaign in Gaza that "it could not identify who was right or who was wrong." (Are they freakin' kidding me? This from an alleged Israeli advocacy group?)

-the group's leader defends Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer, authors of the blood libel "The Israel Lobby" (which claims American Jews forced the Iraq war and were involved in 9/11).

-on a cultural level, J-Street has endorsed staging the play "Seven Jewish Children," by the British playwright Caryll Churchill, which draws a "direct line"...connecting "Nazi Germany's mass murder of Jews to Israel's treatment of Palestinians."

-finally, the group refuses to condemn the Goldstone Report, currently at the UN, claiming Israel committed multiple war crimes against poor, innocent, sweet, Hamas.( A report that even The Economist, not exactly friendly toward Israel, calls a "thimbleful of poison" and the product of "willful blindness.") Instead of condemning this UN travesty, J-Street has treated it with respect, calling upon Israel "to credibly address [its] full range of charges and findings."

Does it sound like a pro-Israel group? NO. It does sound like a left-wing foreign policy orgainzation consisting of self-loathing Jews that put "progressive" politics ahead of the truth, and appears to exist merely to support President Obama's ugly positions on Israel, and give him Olympia Snowe-type cover.

So anyway....J-Street is holding a big conference this weekend in Washington DC. It claims over 150 Congressman and Senators are hosting the conference. Maybe. At least 12, including such bigwigs as Chuck Schumer, have publicly dropped out.

The remainders are all Democrats, incidentally. Tell ya something?

And my congressman, Rush Holt (D-NJ 12th), will be there as well. He's doing J-Street's bidding now, as Holt was the only member of New Jersey’s 13 member Congressional delegation not signed onto a bill advocating for tougher sanctions against Iran.

But Holt's always supported groups that have been anti-American, anti-Israel, and anti-Semitic. Here's a story how he fought alongside of CAIR to allow terror suspects to sue the folks who reported them. And of course, there's his attendance at this still-notorious Democratic "mock lynching" of President George W. Bush, where he sat by and smirked as it turned into an anti-Semitic hatefest...

Now that last one, he claimed he was unaware of what was going on around him. Maybe. But this one he enters into with eyes wide-open, with the cover of self-hating Jews as his cloak.

Let's see how the Jews of his own district react - those who do not loathe themselves, or Israel, as much as J-Street does...


Anonymous said...

You're no nut, my friend! Now J- Street has invaded New Jersey with THREE regional offices, each designed to support a Liberal Democratic congressman. An East Brunswick woman named Debbie Schlossberg will head J-Street's central Jersey campaign for ultra-Leftist luftmensch Rush Holt whose fantasies of what will bring peace to the Middle East are as naive as those of Jimmy Carter. Like all naive Obama liberals, they talk in idealistic platitudes and live in complete denial of the evil that makes their approach not only ineffective, but reckless endangerment of the Jewish State! They must be challenged at every turn.

Bruce said...

Rush Holt is speaking at the East Brunswick Jewish Center sunday morning, Jn 6. I'll be there to challenge him.