Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rush Holt: New Jersey's Gift to Terror

My congressman, Rush Holt (D-NJ). continues to side with America’s enemies, this time supporting one of their most nefarious tactics yet. I’ll let Michelle Malkin give us the intro:

EARLIER this month, six publicity-seeking imams filed a federal lawsuit against US Airways and Minneapolis/St. Paul's Metropolitan Airports Commission. The Muslim clerics were removed from their flight last November and questioned for several hours after their suspicious behavior alarmed both passengers and crew members.

Katherine Kersten of The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported last week that the imams, advised by the grievance- mongers at the Council on American-Islamic Relations, also plan to sue "John Does" - innocent bystanders who alerted the authorities about their security concerns.
Rep. Steve Pearce (R-N.M.) has introduced legislation to protect John Does who report suspicious behavior from legal liability..

Now to
LGF, who tells us a little more about the congressional tiff that followed:

House Republicans tonight surprised Democrats with a procedural vote to protect public-transportation passengers from being sued if they report suspicious activity — the first step by lawmakers to protect “John Doe” airline travelers already targeted in such a lawsuit.

After a heated debate and calls for order, the motion to recommit the Democrats’ Rail and Public Transportation Security Act of 2007 back to committee with instructions to add the protective language passed on a vote of 304-121. Republicans said the lawsuit filed by six Muslim imams against US Airways and “John Does,” passengers who reported suspicious behavior, could have a “chilling effect” on passengers who may fear being sued for acting vigilant.

Rep. Peter T. King, New York Republican and ranking member of the House Homeland Security Committee, offered the motion saying all Americans — airline passengers included — must be protected from lawsuits if they report suspicious behavior that may foreshadow a terrorist attack.

LGF urges us to go to the
roll call vote to see which representatives are in CAIR’s pocket (121 Nays, all Democrats – what a shock!) And a quick click told us exactly what we expected:


Holt is not stupid, he is an active tool of the Islamist interests. He knows that by allowing agitators like the alleged imans above to sue witnesses, people will hesitate to report suspected terrorist activities. Holt is essentially an accessory to the next terror attack that happens on American soil, for he is supporting the rights of the Islamists to silence those who would report their murderous activites.

Better for you, your family, and your children to be dead in Rush Holt’s America than to report possible terrorist action. Death pales before multiculturalism (or Islamic rule?). It’s sick, but believe it – it’s right in the roll call….

This is not new behavior for my congressional cockroach; Rush Holt fights harder against American interests and for Islamic / terrorist interests than virtually any other Congressman in the House. Certainly, he is a huge supporter of surrendering Iraq to al-Qaeda; he relentlessly votes for withdrawal while refusing to acknowledge what the consequences might be for this country, and the Iraqi people, if we do. Coward.

Let’s try to shame our treasonous congressman with some more bravery from Miss Malkin, as she makes her vow to protect America from Holt’s allies:

You don't know me. But I am on the lookout for you. You are my enemy. And I am yours.
I am John Doe.
I will act when homeland security officials ask me to "report suspicious activity."

I will embrace my local police department's admonition: "If you see something, say something."
I will protest your Jew-hating, America-bashing "scholars." I will petition against your hate-mongering mosque leaders.
I will raise my voice against your subjugation of women and religious minorities.
I will challenge your attempts to indoctrinate my children in our schools.
I will not be censored in the name of tolerance. I will not be cowed by your Beltway lobbying groups in moderates' clothing. I will not cringe when you shriek about "profiling" or "Islamophobia."
I will put my family's safety above sensitivity. I will put my country above multiculturalism.
I will not submit to your will. I will not be intimidated.

I am John Doe.

Finally, I call out for one more act of courage – who will run against Holt in 2008? Can the Republican party find a decent candidate to run against this man, who constantly votes with the hard-left of his party, a line that very few of his constituents (even Democrats) endorse?

Where is the candidate that will stand up against the sickness of Rush Holt?


Anonymous said...

Rush and his "group of 121" do not represent their constituents anywhere (xcept maybe on the left coast?), but instead, represent the values of the extremely liberal wing of the Democratic party - they are a tax-raising, fetus-harvesting, terrorist-appeasing, military-slamming, gun-conficscating anti-American element that wants to reshape this nation into something quite different than what it is, and always was.

What will the result be? Just look across the pond to England - a weak nation, unable to protect its own soldiers from third world despots abroad, and slowing being taken over by Muslim extremists at home. This is the future that Rush Holt and his "gang of 121" wish to turn America towards.

God help us.

Jim - PRS said...

As you pointed out in comments on my site, my congressman (Payne -- consistantly the most liberal in New Jersey) was one of the Gang of 121.

I'd be curious to see how much money in contributions each has received from the American Trial Lawyers Association.

121 Cruds, all of whom should be given the Bum's rush.

Anonymous said...

Guys like Holt and Payne are the shame of New Jersey. It is shocking what a poor job the Democrats do representing the people of New Jersey on a national level, and what a bad job they do managing state affairs on a local level.
Yet they keep getting reelected - I have to say, that doesn't say much for the politcal awareness of the people of New Jersey. You get the government you deserve, right?