Wednesday, March 21, 2007

More Good News For The Democrats!

Powerline reports the facts:

How many times have you heard that President Bush's approval ratings are low? Guess what: the Democratic Congress's approval rating is lower.
For some reason, this hasn't been getting much press.
But the low esteem in which voters held Congress prior to November's election barely changed after the Democrats took power in January. Today,
Gallup notes that the modest bounce Congress experienced in January and February is now gone:

The modest uptick in approval of the job being done by Congress has dissipated for the most part after only two months.
According to Gallup's monthly update on job approval of Congress -- in a March 11-14, 2007, national poll -- 28% of Americans approve of the job being done by Congress and 64% disapprove.

From Real Clear Politics, home to all polls both great and small, we get a composite average of President Bush's approval ratings:

President Bush Job Approval

I'll grant you that this is still pretty poor, but one must note that Bush's approval ratings are over 20% higher than the Democratic Congress.

We predict this spread will increase in the coming weeks - what with the Democrats working furiously for an American defeat in Iraq, their absolute gorging at the taxpayer trough, and their penchant for Congressional hearings on every sparrow that falls across the nation (egged on by an utterly clueless, out-of-touch media), we think, as Powerline does, that the Democrats will long for the day they had a 28% approval rating....

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