Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Josef Stalin Was Right…

…when he famously remarked, “When we hang the capitalists they will sell us the rope we use.”

Although Little Green Footballs is unsure whether it was Stalin or Lenin that made the comment, our man Charles adds:

Islamists won’t even have to buy the rope. The purblind multiculturalists will hand it to them and put it around their own necks.

So where am I going with this? Here – via Gateway Pundit, we get the following report:

A British-made aircraft has been sold to Iran, the first new Western-made aircraft acquired by Tehran since the 1979 Islamic revolution, an adviser to the deal said on Monday. The 10-seater Britten Norman Islander aircraft was delivered to Iran's Civil Aviation Organisation last week, said Dean Ghobadi, commercial director of PAAviation, which provides aviation products and services to Iran.

"This hasn't happened since 1979," said Ghobadi. "The Iranians are delighted and have expressed interest in a further five aircraft".

And they should be delighted! What’s next – foreign nations selling them the nuclear technology they crave in order to rule the world under a 12th century Caliphate? Oh, wait…..

Lenin, too, was right - just replace Soviet/Communist with Arab/Islamist:

Capitalists the world over and their governments will, in their desire to win Soviet market, shut their eyes to the above-mentioned activities and thus be turned into blind deaf-mutes. They will furnish credits, which will serve as a means of supporting the Communist parties in their countries, and, by supplying us, will rebuild our war industry, which is essential for our future attacks on our suppliers.
In other words, they will be laboring to prepare their own suicide....


Anonymous said...

B-N Group's official response to this news:
Britten-Norman has NO representation in Iran. Mr Ghobadi has previously represented Britten-Norman, but neither he nor Paravaran Asseman have existing consultancy or other representation agreements with the Company.

During the 40 years of manufacturing of the Islander a number of aircraft have been sold to Iran all of which are in civil use only. There have been no sales of new aircraft, used aircraft or aircraft related spare parts by the Company to Iran of late.

Since the year 2000 one civil aircraft has been supplied to the Iranian Civil Aviation Organisation by Britten-Norman following a stringent exercise by the UK government to approve that aircraft for export. This aircraft is in use as a passenger aircraft with a humanitarian/air ambulance secondary role and was contracted for sale in 2002. The supply of that aircraft is in no way related to the current diplomatic issues in Iran.

Britten-Norman's highly dependable products are popular in countries worldwide where infrastructure requires unsupported rough field operations. Although there have been expressions of interest for further aircraft sales in Iran, Britten-Norman does not believe that there is a prospect of immediate future sales nor does it believe that UK export clearances would necessarily be available for any such new aircraft sale at the present time.

Anonymous said...


Sounds like a classic attempt to try and cover something up if you ask me.

The JerseyNut said...

You are correct, anonymous - note as well that they use the "humanitarian" angle as an excuse for selling what could obviously be a multi-purpose airplane to an enemy/terrorist state....

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so! I've searched this story on google, and surprisingly the media as a whole has not made a big deal about this at all. I would have thought, that given waht's happening with the British soldiers and all, that the media would have jumped all over this. Politicians are just dumb