Monday, March 26, 2007

Global Warming Roundup!

There is very little in the way of irony coming out of Duluth these days:

DULUTH, Minn., Feb. 27 (UPI) -- Officials from the
Global Warming 101 expedition in Canada have confirmed that team member Elizabeth Andre has been evacuated.
Andre was reportedly evacuated after suffering frostbitten fingertips while setting up camp on
Canada's Baffin Island.

The 1,200-mile expedition to visit five native villages, led by Ely's Will Steger, is part of an effort to call attention to global warming,
Minnesota's Duluth News Tribune reported.
Temperatures were below zero Saturday night when Andre suffered the frostbite....

To that, I can add nothing whatsoever....

Now the folks in the
letters section of today's New York Post have some choice words for The Goracle:

Global warming is the biggest scam since global cooling.... is a campaign to stop and turn back economic progress, thus stopping the continuous increase in the health, wealth and well-being of humanity as a whole.
It is a tragedy in the making for the 21st century.

Watching Gore testify on Capitol Hill, I thought I was looking at a designated hitter on a Major League Baseball roster.
He was more bloated than his teammates, took swings at the opposition, to the delight of his hometown fans, and he never had to field his position.

And why are there still some holdouts who still believe that the earth is round, that planets orbit the sun, and that global warming is overhyped leftist, luddite propoganda? CBS's website pushes the "All Conservatives are Stupid" meme:

The easy answer is that Republicans are just tools of the energy industry. It's certainly true that many of them are....

The truth is more complicated — and more depressing: A small number of hard-core ideologues (some, but not all, industry shills) have led the thinking for the whole conservative movement.

I'll rebut that using
Neil Boortz's words:

For the most part leftists use this "stupid" tactic in order to avoid actually having to intellectually engage with someone who thinks differently than they. After all ... you really don't have to consider the opinions offered by someone who disagrees with you if you can successfully and falsely brand them as ignorant.

Take that, you liberal idiots !

Finally, the truth comes out...the cause of all global warming? The lovely blogger
Annika ! Yes, it's all horribly, horribly her own words:

...the graph for average daily visits to my blog looked frighteningly familiar. By consulting my scientific sources (i.e. I googled it) I was able to find a graph showing the recent increase in average global temperatures.
Sure enough, when I superimposed the two graphs, an inconvenient truth emerged.....

Yea gads, we are all dead men....

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