Saturday, March 31, 2007

Traitors, All!

While some congressman work to advance al-Qaeda's aims within the United States, others work to further their aims outside the room...Left Wingnut Nancy Pelosi is making pilgrimage to Damascus, to honor and supplicate before despot and terrorist Bashar Al-Assad:

After media inquiries, Pelosi's office issued a statement.

"As recommended by the Iraq Study Group, a bipartisan delegation led by Speaker Pelosi intends to discuss a wide range of security issues affecting the United States and the Middle East with representatives of governments in the region, including Syria," the statement read.

Great idea - British patience and discussions with Iran has certainly changed their relationship! The once-mighty Brits are now reduced to bowing and scraping supplicants, begging the Iranians for the return of their sailors and Marines, and pleading with the UN for help in crafting strongly-worded statements.
That's progress, for sure - well, for the mullahs at least, and isn't that the aim of the Democrats in Congress today? After all, who benefits most from an immediate American troop withdrawal from Iraq? The Iranians and al-Qaeda, first and foremost (certainly not the Iraqi people!). And who benefits the most from congressional Democrats whom state emphatically that we will not go to war with Iran? Why, the mullahs, again! Nothing like knowing you cannot be punished for your actions to really inhibit you, right?

White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said yesterday of Pelosi's visit: "Someone should take a step back and think about the message that it sends and the message that it sends to our allies."

I'm more afraid of the message it sends to Syria, Iran and Hezbollah - why should these countries cooperate at all with the United States when Pelosi comes abroad and assures them she will allow no military retribution for their misdeeds, and tells them how they will get so much more respect and obedience from a Democratic Congressional/Presidential combo that she will guarentee them will be in place in just over a year and a half?

Her delegation includes Reps. Tom Lantos (D-Calif.), chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs; Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), the House's only Muslim lawmaker; Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif.); Nick J. Rahall II (D-W.Va.); and David L. Hobson (R-Ohio).

These men and women are more interested in undermining Administration foreign policy and furthering their own agenda of appeasement and surrender than actually doing the right thing for the peoples of the Middle East, or the people of America, who they claim falsely to represent.

Remember their names.
Traitors, all.


Erica said...

Tom Lantos?!

It's a shame. He's a Holocaust survivor, and I thought he'd know better than to appease our enemies.

Say it ain't so. That f*cking sucks.

Anonymous said...

Rep. Robert Aderholt (R-AL) staff, Aderholt and Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) are part o the same delegation.

Southern conservative traitors, all over again? :)

The JerseyNut said...

Yup Erica, the self-loathing Jews (Henry Waxman, et al.) are at it again, furiously prostrating themselves before their tormentors, hoping for a pardon.

Gee, that has worked so well in the past, hasn't it?

And Anonymous, at least one of the men you mention is just as guilty as his Democratic counterparts, no doubt. Mr. Wolf's presence is no surprise - via Wikipedia:

"In March 2006, Congress, at Wolf's suggestion, announced the creation of the Iraq Study Group to reassess the US strategy in Iraq."

So he's just following through on his own misguided advice.
Aderholt is more puzzling case; a conservative with a 93% rating on foreign affiars going to Syria? Hopefully he's going there just to keep the rest of the kiddies in line....