Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hope and Change !

Expect the Democrats to enact the most corrupt socialist revolution in world history (and yes, I am aware that's saying a lot). Based on the behavior of the party in power (which grows more vile by the day) and what we are seeing forming around the capitol, well folks - you ain't seen nothing yet:

The number of groups contributing money to presidential and congressional candidates has soared to an all-time high with their strongest growth in a generation, reflecting the fervor over last year's presidential race and a desire for access and clout when lawmakers tackle upcoming issues.

Many of the new political action committees created last year reflect the types of issues President Barack Obama and Congress, now largely controlled by Democrats, hope to tackle this year.

And so Amercian society will be remade - with doors held open, hands outstretched, and big bags of money with $$ signs on them changing hands.

Tea party protests? "Never heard of 'em", smirked the lawmaker...

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