Friday, March 06, 2009

Hillary, Iran, And The Obvious Stupidity Of It All

So Hillary Clinton invites Iran to interfere - I mean, "assist" with quelling the violence in Afghanistan. Since ramping up the killings is what Iran would prefer (and who doesn't wan't to see the Great Satan bogged down in a quagmire?), one cannot fathom why Hillary Clinton would make such an offer.

Well, clearly, it's at her master's bidding, and the sheer stupidity of it is obvious even within a short Daily News feed:

Hillary Clinton moved to break the taboo on engaging with Iran Thursday by proposing a conference on Afghanistan with a seat reserved for Tehran.

"It is expected that Iran would be invited as a neighbor of Afghanistan," Clinton said at a NATO foreign ministers meeting in Brussels. It marked the first effort to fulfill President Obama's campaign pledge to engage Iran, an Islamic state listed by the U.S. as a sponsor of terrorism.

There was no immediate response from Tehran, where supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was hosting his own conference to build support for the Hamas and Hezbollah terror groups to confront Israel.


And what does Hillary hope to accomplish? "Breathtaking in its scope", as Obama's media lapdogs like to say:

"We hope that this meeting could provide an opportunity to reach a common set of principles, perhaps embodied in a chairman's statement, on a common way forward" in Afghanistan, Clinton said.

"A chairman's statement"! Oh, that'll scare the pants off the Taliban!

Liberal cowardice in full display. No guts to fight, or even stand on principle, they'll invite their worst enemy on board to create the illusion of cooperation, then shrug their shoulders when it all goes to hell, because they're not interested in results. "Hey", they'll say, "we acted in accordance with internation law and with the best intentions, so you can't blame us!".

Oh, Yes We Can! And what is the road to hell paved with? Oh, right.

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Anonymous said...

It really feels like we are losing our country, doesn't it?