Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Media Calls for Obama !

The media will not let a silly things such as "voting "get in the way of pushing their self-appointed messiah to his throne in Washington:

Obama to take big step in Democratic race

Barack Obama will take a major step toward the Democratic presidential nomination when Oregon and Kentucky vote on Tuesday, but rival Hillary Clinton still hopes to spoil the party.

After Tuesday's results, Obama will be able to claim a majority of pledged delegates won in the lengthy state-by-state fight with Clinton.

It is a landmark he hopes will signal the beginning of the end of their grueling race to contest November's presidential election against Republican John McCain.

A majority? Kinda meaningless, when there is a fixed total (2210) of delegates that must be earned, and that Obama cannot achieve, in this contest for the Democratic nomination.

With H-Clinton on his heels (although also "mathematically challenged), and Obama's "popular vote" lead now solely amounting to his margin of victory in Cook County, Illinois, isn't it presumptous to say that winning the state of Oregon on the same day he will get demolished in Kentucky is a "big step" for Obama?

Looks like the media is going to report this election the same way they've reported the war in Iraq, with Hillary/McCain being cast as the American soldier; with a narrative demanding that they must - MUST - lose to allow the storyline to continue as liberal dogma dictates....

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