Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Liberals vs. the New York Mets, Part II

So on Monday I noted that the unwise decision to have reedy-voiced liberal politco Melinda Katz sing the Anthem before the 162nd (and last) game of the season could have directly contributed to the Mets downfall; today I will note some lessons that liberals have taken from this train wreck of a season.

In the Daily News, lefty columnist Richard Cohen talks about loss - his, the Mets, and hopefully ours:

What was happening to the Mets was called life, and it was good that kids were watching. They could learn from it. Victory teaches nothing. Defeat teaches everything.

Ah! So that's why the liberal shrieking to bug out of Iraq is hitting a glass-shattering crescendo; 'cause if we stay in-country too much longer, we are virtually guaranteed to secure a victory - and then what would we have learned? We must be defeated in Iraq, or at least manage to cause one, so that we stupid Americans can be taught something!

Stop cryin', kid! That nasty liberal is just trying to help!

More insights into the liberal mind via the "Met-astrophe":

I am no longer a fan of any team in any sport. The fan is a fool, a sucker, as much a mark as a drunk who flashes cash in a bar.

Whoa! What bitterness to harbor in one's heart! Good to know that the liberal elite feels free to spit on the tens of millions of Americans that enjoy following a particular sport franchise. No wonder Cohen glorifes in loss and defeat; what has he given himself to live for?

I sat back with the smug wisdom of age and watched the TV guys try to explain what was happening to the Mets, combing through the stats like prospectors panning for gold.

They tried to blame the coach or the players. It was about talent or motivation or some such thing. They needed to blame someone. They needed to make sense out of the nonsensical.

So, children, pay attention....

Sounds like a typical liberal projection; actually, it sounds like Cohen's precious 9/11 Commission. Sounds like the basis of this website, too. Well, I guess he would know...sorry, though, if us "children" choose to ignore your self-annointed "wisdom"...

If this is what the liberal ideology takes from the Met's collapse - a sneer, unabashed glee, and some cold-hearted name calling - then I know who the fools really are, and know that they have learned nothing from their numerous defeats...

And for the first time, I actually feel bad for them. To spurn "fandom" after a difficult loss is like forever turning your back on love after one bad relationship. Cohen calls sports fans suckers, not unlike the phrase a jaded loner would utter, when his gaze accidentally falls upon embraced lovers...

Have we at last found the true soul of the liberal? A person who has turned their back on love, on hope, on dreams, and derides those who still belive, who still have faith, who still believe victory can be achieved?

What a lonely, angry place the heart of a lefty is. Let us sit back in smug wisdom, and pity them...

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Anonymous said...

SOunds like Cohen isn't someone who wins much - if at all.