Friday, October 12, 2007

Just a reminder...

....from Ralph Peters, about exactly who we are fighting, why we must fight, and why the Democrat's foreign policy objectives would surely mean death for us all:

Religious fanatics can never be appeased. And the degenerate conditions in the Muslim heartlands only make fanaticism more virulent.

But we never learn. There are many in our own country who insist that, if only we didn't annoy Allah's assassins, we wouldn't have any problems with them. We just need to "respect their culture."
No matter that their culture is murderously intolerant, criminally vicious toward women and deadly not only to those of other faiths but even to fellow believers who don't measure up to the absolutist doctrines of the fanatics. If only we made nice, the world would live in harmony. All those suicide bombers are our fault.

Well, the historical fact is that the world has never lived in harmony. Never. Peace has never prevailed across the planet.

It would be lovely, if it were otherwise. But we need to deal with the facts we face today and the factual patterns of history...Our Western cult of negotiations produces no lasting successes for the simple reason that those ablaze with lethal faith never hesitate to break deals with unbelievers the moment they find it useful to do so.

Somebody want to show this to the UN?

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