Tuesday, October 04, 2005

EU to USA: All your Internet belong to us!

From Reuters (sigh, again...):

UN agency says would be ready to run Internet

The United Nations' International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is ready to take over governance of the Internet from the United States, ITU head Yoshio Utsumi said on Friday.
The United States has clashed with the European Union and much of the rest of the world over the future of the Internet. It currently manages the global information system through a partnership with California-based company ICANN

OK, let's pause here for a second...The United States has clashed with the European Union and much of the rest of the world over the future of the Internet ???? Since when? In all that has been written about American policy clashes with the EU, and the rest of the world, very little ink has been spilled on the "clash" over the Internet. Clash? Says who? What are the details of the clash? None are forthcoming from the hardworking reporters at Reuters...

"We could do it if we were asked to," Utsumi told a news conference. The U.N. agency's experience in communications, its structure and its cooperation with private and public bodies made it best-placed to take on the role, he said.

Now let me be clear on this...there is NO U.N. agency that is best-placed to take on ANY role - that includes peacekeeping (see Darfur), emergency relief (see tsunami), refugees (see the Palestinian camps), or human rights (see UN Human Rights council, chaired by Sudan!). Give them control of the internet? Yeah, in their wet dreams...

Washington has made clear it would oppose any such move despite widespread demands for changes in the current system.

WIDESPREAD DEMANDS FROM WHOM??? Again, no references are drawn upon in this article from Bizarro World (aka Reuters). Question - would the average world citizen rather have the US control the internet, or the EU? Trust me, they would take Uncle Sam over Jacque "Le Grande Pulet" Chirac any time...

The issue could sour the Tunis meeting from November 16-18.

(Typical UN/EU genius at work - hold an internet convention in a country with no access...)

The EU says it is proposing a new "cooperative model" to run the Internet and the way addresses - or domain names -- are assigned that everyone could support.

But (State Department official David) Gross, speaking to reporters on Thursday, described the plan as a "shocking and profound change" of the EU's earlier stance that opened the way for control by governments -- some of whom already censor what their citizens can read on the Net.
EU spokesman David Hendon described this as "misrepresentation."

A "cooperative model" is translated here as full government control of internet content; "misrepresentation" here is defined as the truth, just put into terms too clear for the EU's comfort (they prefer the phrase "cooperative mode", you see).
Now, finally, some honesty:

Although many EU nations were happy with what ICANN is doing, many countries "just cannot accept that the Americans have control of the Internet in their countries," he (Hendon) told Reuters, and this had to be recognized.
The EU proposal would bring the Internet and ICANN under international law rather than U.S. law.

Sure, why not? Americans invented the internet, developed it into a worldwide tool of communication and commerce, yet we should turn it over to "international law" (the EU and the UN, in other words) because obviously we cannot be trusted to control it. Kinda like what they have been trying to do to the United States military for the last decade or so...

Well, the EU had better accept that the Americans control the internet. But if they don't, options are available:
- develop your own improved sytem, and implement it (bwahahahahaha!!!!!)
- don't use the internet at all, as a protest against American intellectual imperialism!

But don't even dream (and that includes you, al-Reuters!) that we are just going to hand it over on your say-so. Gosh, these international intellectaul elites really don't have a clue about Americans, do they?

Link to this nonsense here: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20050930/wr_nm/internet_dc

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