Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Swedish Cartoonist Attacked By Muslim, Crowd Roars

Lars Vilks, a Swedish cartoonist who dared draw a depiction of Muhammad, was attacked at a lecture by a Muslim man who "head butted" him to the ground before police "got involved".

And I use that term lightly, as getting involved seems to mean one cop spreading his arms wide, and another shouting "stop doing that! stop doing that!".

Note the upraised fists (especially of the man at the :33 second mark, who shouts his support for the attack, then picks up his child), and listen to the high-pitched shrieks of "Allah Akbar". Note the glee and support of the physical assault on free speech.


The cartoon itself, no more than a pencil sketch, can be seen here. It's crude and offensive, I suppose, but they (especially Arabs, and Muslims) draw Jews like this every day of the week, and you don't see the people of Israel marauding through the Mideast, busting up lectures and beating up cartoonists. Nor do you see Christians wilding after the daily assaults on their religion, thought to be fair, they'd have to burn almost every mainstream media outlet in the nation if they wanted to even the score.

Although perhaps they should. What's good for the goose is certainly good for the gander, and after all, if this is now permissible behavior, people of all faiths should be allowed to engage in it.

No? Than perhaps the animals above should be civilized, or left out to rot in the desert hell they have created for themselves...

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The religion of peace strikes again.