Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Fitting Tribute To Sonia Sotomayor

Because, after a lifetime of her rulings combined with Obama's rape and pillaging of our nation's treasury, we will ALL live in housing like this:

The New York City Housing Authority said it will rename the Bronxdale Houses after its most famous former resident at a ceremony next month -- fueling speculation it will happen June 4, when Sotomayor is in town to give the Hostos College commencement address.

Last year, the Bronxdale Houses scored a 66 on a federal Department of Housing and Urban Development inspection -- six points away from a failing grade. The inspectors, who visited only 27 of the complex's 1,725 apartments, found rampant violations in the form of old appliances, damaged walls in need of fresh paint, missing smoke alarms and graffiti.

And how appropriate is it that the tenets were apparently overwhelming opposed to the name change, yet the government is moving ahead with it anyway? Remind you of a certain governing philosophy?

One resident, D. Mitchell, 66, said the push to change the name came from NYCHA itself -- not the tenants.

"They sent us out a survey, then sent people around to talk to us, asking us, 'Didn't we want the name changed?' " said Mitchell, who has lived in Bronxdale for 33 years. "I voted no, but it was clear they wanted it done, no matter what we thought. They asked us, but they'd already made up their minds."

And, in typical liberal fashion, it is all about appearances, and completely unrelated to..the reality of the residents of the soon-to-be Sotomayor Projects:

Even as the housing authority was surveying the tenants, residents noticed the sudden increase in maintenance workers pruning bushes, polishing floors and repainting fences and doorways, said Roberta McKinsey, 58.

"All this grass cutting and fence painting we've seen recently isn't a regular thing," said McKinsey, who also voted against the name change.

No, Mr. McKinsey, and don't get used to it. You're a prop, useful only for the moment, soon to forgotten and left in squalor.

And life goes on in the Sotomayor Projects...maybe Sonia and some of her left-wing useful idiots should move there for a while, you know, to enjoy the fruits of their policies....

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Conservative Libertine said...

A Potemkin Village.