Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's Raining On The Democrats in Pennsylvania

On the ground on Referendum Day:

I don't think you'll need to wait real long to drink your anti-Arlen champagne. The weather in Philadelphia is terrible- a wind-driven rain, expected to continue all day. I don't think the African- American community is invested in Arlen, and I don't think the Democratic machine foot workers care enough to drive a big turnout. Sestak wins by 6 to 9 percentage points.

Wouldn't surprise me either. But how's the weather in Johnstown-Altoona? That's where the Burns v. Critz battle is being fought; Critz's biggest advantage was the increased interest in the Sestak v. Specter battle. and the additional Democratic turnout it would create. Without the turnout, well....

Let's face it: Liberals are interested in primaries as long as they don't have to walk in the rain, or wait for a bus in it. Republicans ford the floods and get to the polling places in their SUVs, regardless.

I'm going to up the ante and say...Burns by +2! And Arlen is crispy toast, burnt by his decision to blow with a short-lived wind...

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