Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kevin Eubanks: Liberal Douchebag

What else would you call a guy who plays politics with a 16 year old kid and denies him a prize based not on his talent, but where he lives? And on national television?

Via Saberpoint, who reports on Friday night's Tonight Show w/Jay Leno:

Leno asked various members of the audience to perform their own special tricks, i.e. whistling like a bird, clapping hands very fast, etc. These performers were then judged by three men from the Tonight Show staff. One of the judges was Kevin Eubanks, guitar player for the Tonight Show band.

Each judge could award a meal (i.e. a ticket for a free meal at a local restaurant) if they approved of the performance, or withhold a meal if they did not approve.

One 16 year old kid from Arizona was a soccer player. His trick was to balance a soccer ball on the back of his neck while removing his jersey, without dislodging the soccer ball. Two of the judges awarded the kid a meal based on his performance. Not Kevin Eubanks. He asked the kid, "Did you say you were from Arizona?" The kid replied, "Yes."

Eubanks then told the kid he awarded "no meal" and began speaking to the kid in Spanish...

What a dick. Punishing a kid because you don't agree with the politics of his hometown. You're a big man, Eubanks. A real big you bragged about that little stunt to all of your friends on the Upper West Side over dinner that night. Way to strike a blow for the liberal cause, by humiliating an innocent teenager on national TV.

But you know who Eubanks reminds me of here? Those judges in the European talent shows who will never award a top prize an Israeli contestant/team in a televised talent show, no matter how superior they might be to the competition, as a way to demonstrate their contempt for Israel, the Jews, or both.

You're in fine company, Kevin Eubanks. You ought to sit down with the European judges mentioned above, I'll bet you'll find you have a lot in common with them. More so than with your fellow Americans...

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you: Mr. Eubanks is a liberal douchebag. Isn't it sad how the educational system and liberals in the media first brainwash kids into their world view, then demonize them if they don't conform. But the Dems and Libs - especially Progressives - love the kids when they get to use them as human shields to advance whatever the agenda du jour happens to be.