Friday, May 07, 2010

"Every Obama critic is a Wall Street stooge"

...when they're not racists, that is. From the Wall Street Journal:

Last Saturday at the University of Michigan, President Obama noted the importance of maintaining "a basic level of civility in our public debate." He added, "You can question somebody's views and their judgment without questioning their motives or their patriotism."
You certainly can, but it seems Mr. Obama cannot.

Less than a week after promoting the need to treat others ‘with courtesy and respect,’ the unhappy warrior was at it again yesterday with a misleading attack on the motives of an opponent. Responding to an amendment offered by Senator Richard Shelby to limit the scope of the proposed Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Mr. Obama said, ‘I will not allow amendments like this one written by Wall Street’s lobbyists to pass for reform.’

Out of all the "benefits" that an Obama presidency failed to deliver to us - racial harmony, bipartisanship, a "new tone in Washington", no tax hikes, "smart diplomacy", new-found world respect - perhaps the biggest deception was this: Barack Obama was a man of extraordinarily high intelligence.

For he has shown nothing that would demonstrate any of the usual trademarks of the smarter- than-average man; in fact, his most visible characteristics - stubbornness, intellectual inflexibility, unwillingness to change course in the face of facts, condensation towards those who do not share his beliefs, nastiness, blatant falsehoods, and a chip on the shoulder - are usually seen as the trademarks of a man of lesser intellect.

And thus we see the reason for his non-stop personal attacks on his critics. Barack Obama is simply unable to make intelligent, fact-based arguments that back his cause. He clearly lacks the intellectual heft to make cognizant arguments in defense of his policies and against those of his political adversaries. To my knowledge, he has never made an a "case" for a particular policy position that stood up to any reasonable interpretation of the facts involved.

So, unable to outsmart his rivals, Barack Obama turns schoolyard bully, and resorts to taunts, smears, and lies in front of adoring crowds of similar idiots; their raucous cheers act in the stead of facts to convince him of the utter righteousness of his position.

So expect nothing to change. This intellectual lightweight will continue in attack mode for the duration of his presidency; it is the only way he can put points on the board. The American people have already long grown tired of his act and will fire his enablers in Congress this November, but we are stuck with this left-wing mush-brain until 2012. May God have mercy on the United States of America.

Incidentally, is it any surprise at all that his grades at Harvard are shrouded in secrecy? Imagine the shame of the Ivy League that they graduated (yet another) D student; imagine the glee of the world's despots when they realize they are treating with a man-child...

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A very good post. I am amazed how people accept him speaking using a teleprompter. I am no stranger to public speaking, and I yet to use one once.

If he is so intelligent why can he not speak off the cuff without sounding like an idiot?