Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Once-Great Britain

Greg Gutfeld in the Weekly Standard:

England is a country as delusional as a 35-year-old stripper--everyone in the room but her sees that her powers of attraction have faded. Her life is a loose coalition of press-on nails, fake tan, hair extensions, and implants, all held together by the duct tape of delusion.

Yup. And the girls are always the first to notice - like
Melanie Phillips, commenting on Britain's brilliant plan to inform the Muslim community of any impending raids days, maybe weeks in the future:

...can anyone imagine the British Army or the Royal Ulster Constabulary, when the IRA terror campaign was at its height, making known to the Catholic or Protestant communities plans to conduct raids within those communities, and the intelligence on which it was based, before they took place?

...Britain has simply taken leave of its senses.

Indeed. The fact that they are prepared to cede a great amount of their sovereignty over to the EU (and by extension, to their ancient enemy France)
speaks volumes:

Reports this morning appear to confirm yesterday's rumour that Britain was preparing to surrender its EU veto on policing and judicial matters...
...."Ministers will set out conditions tomorrow for the transfer of control to the EU over the creation of new crimes that will apply in Britain as well as standardised court procedures," the newspaper says.

The EU commission says that removing the veto will assist in the fight against terror. However, the European commissioner for justice Franco Frattini has his eyes on a bigger prize: He sees the new system as a means of speeding the creation of an entirely new set of pan-European laws, including incitement to racial hatred.

Ya. And whom do you think that will be applied to?

After the rapid French surrender in the early days of WWII, England stood as Europe's last fortress against Nazi terror - alone, getting pounded mercilessly, until together with the United States, they turned back the barbarians clamoring at the gate.

Will they fall this time, without a shot being fired?

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