Monday, September 04, 2006

Green is Good? Not in a Blue State !

Yeah, we hear all the time from the holier-than-thou blue-staters how they are saving the enviornment by, well, I guess, paying lip service to saving the enviornment because when it comes time to actually, you know, do something, they're the first to bail:

When farmer Greg Bryant first heard about plans for windmills along a swath of mountain ridges in this northeastern Vermont hamlet, he was all for it. The idea of tapping a plentiful natural resource for power was appealing.

Now he's dead set against it, one of many people here who fear the prospect of 400-foot tall windmills sprouting from the tops of picturesque mountains.
For a state that normally prizes environmental initiatives, the debate over wind power poses a thorny dilemma. Eager to embrace clean energy but leery about spoiling views, some communities are putting up stiff opposition to plans for new wind projects.

So enviornmentalism is great, as long as someone else has to suffer for it. God forbid their views should be changed a bit - better to spill blood for oil than put a windmill on a mountaintop, I guess.

And here's the doublespeak statement of the day:

"It's a reflection of the deep environmental consciousness of this state," said environmentalist Bill McKibben, an author who has written about global warming.

If preventing a renewable energy resource from being erected is somehow a sign of an even more pure shade of Green, than a two-SUV guy like myself must have the deepest enviornmental consciousness in the whole state of New Jersey! Wow!! Who knew??

Compare to Iowa, which may have voted Kerry but is a very pale, pale blue:

Northern Iowa could have one of the nation's largest wind farms by 2008. Iowa Winds LLC wants to build a 200- to 300-megawatt farm covering about 40,000 acres in Franklin County.
"It's something new and renewable," said Amber Schwarck, a spokeswoman for the Iowa Falls-based company. "It's great for national security, so we can start depending on ourselves and the wind."
If the county approves the project, construction would start next spring and take about a year, said Franklin County Supervisor Michael Nolte.

"It's not very often you have someone who wants to make a $200 million investment in the county," he said. "That's a huge investment. It's just a win-win for the county."

Geez, aren't those northeasterners in Vermont so much smarter, greener, and damn patriotic than you or I (or the good folk of Iowa?). After all, they knew enough to block virtually the same exact project...

Read here how Ted Kennedy blocks renewable energy in his district, and here to see how the Democratic dumb*sses who run New Jersey sentenced a profitable, green enterprise to death via a "blue ribbon panel"...

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