Thursday, September 14, 2006

Nuclear Attack on U.S. Soil Planned for Ramadan?

Forget about 8/'s September 24th (the first day of Ramadan, praise the "religion of peace") looking for you? Any room for a nuclear holocaust on your schedule?

Hot Air reports the FBI is looking frantically for one Adnan al-Shukrijumah:

Shukrijumah is suspected to have had contacts with 9/ll hijack leader Mohammed Atta before leaving the United States shortly before the attacks…
Virtually every one of the FBI’s 56 field offices are involved in the hunt, according to Stuart McArthur, the assistant Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Miami field office, who heads up the bureau’s hunt for Shukrijumah...
....A one-time Florida chemistry student has the FBI worried and working overtime…
[A]s the clock ticks they fear he will help guide al Qaeda to another terrorist attack somewhere inside the United States.

Riehl World View has more of the story:

According to Gertz in the Washington Times, he's been spotted in Canada
allegedly in search of Dirty Bomb materials.

"A key al Qaeda terrorism suspect was in Canada looking for nuclear material for a "dirty bomb," The Washington Times has learned.
Adnan El Shukrijumah is being sought by the FBI and CIA in connection with a plot to detonate a dirty bomb - a conventional explosive laced with radioactive material."

Right Truth:

...bin Laden has assigned a man named Adnan Al-Shukri Juma to carry out a new attack within the US which is intended to be larger than the 11 September, 2001 attacks. According to (Pakistani Journalist with known al-Qaeda connections) Hamid Mir, Adnan Jumaa has smuggled explosives and nuclear materials into the US through the Mexican border over the last two years and is hiding somewhere in America where the FBI has not been able to locate him....
....Jumaa has earned the nickname "Al-Qaeda nuclear whizz" and is tagged to play the same role in a future attack as Mohammed Atta did in the 9/11 attacks....

Wonder how the Democrat's love of "open borders" will play out if terrorists are found to be infiltrating the United States via Mexico? We can't close off the border, it'll mean the terrorists have won!


Adnan Al-Shukri's name has been mentioned in many Western media reports claiming that Al-Qaeda has acquired nuclear technology. The American writer, Paul Williams, in his book " The Al-Qaeda Connection: International Terrorism, Organized Crime, and the Coming Apocalypse", says he was among a number of Al-Qaeda members trained for the nuclear technology.

From the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette:

Terrorism officials inside and outside the government say they believe Shukrijumah is a major al-Qaida figure, and the hunt for him is intense, with an FBI team tracking him virtually full time. So far, their quarry has remained elusive.
Whereas the core of al-Qaida’s followers are young, poor and relatively uneducated, Shukrijumah has been to college and is comfortable with technology. He’s also a naturalized U.S. citizen whose appearance would allow him to pass as Hispanic, Indian or Mideastern and who speaks English with no discernible accent, officials say.
That background makes Shukrijumah especially threatening, counterterrorism authorities say. He is dangerous “because he is so trusted in the organization and because he has traveled in the Western world and is familiar with its customs and procedures,” said Joseph Billy Jr., assistant FBI director for counter-terrorism.

“He is part of al-Qaida Stage 2,” ...

Scary - we'll keep an eye on it...

Update: Gateway Pundit has video of Shukrijumah teaching "English as a Second Language"...and some photos and information about his possible whereabouts here... And Gates of Vienna carries a fuller version of the al-Qaeda communique....

Updated post (9/17) here

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