Saturday, September 23, 2006

Koffi Annan: Hezbollah's Little Helper

A brief overview of Koffi's and the UN's actions in this summer's Mideast flareup - from the letters pages of the New York Sun:

Mr. Annan came close to accusing Israel of deliberately killing United Nations observers in Lebanon.
He grossly exaggerated at Israel's expense the number of persons found dead in Qana. He presided over a UNIFIL that was in collusion with Hezbollah.
He guaranteed that the new and enlarged UNIFIL force mandated under Security Council Resolution 1701 of August 11 would not disarm Hezbollah, a requirement of Council Resolution 1559.
He acquiesced in Lebanon's decision not to invite UNIFIL to guard Lebanon's border with Syria to prevent the rearming of Hezbollah.
And now he pressures Israel to end its sea and air blockade of Lebanon, a state that has just reaffirmed its refusal to make peace with Israel.

Mr. Annan did not even agree that Hezbollah must first return the hostages kidnapped by Hezbollah in mid-July, and the fates of the three Israeli prisoners of war, Zachary Baumel, Yehuda Katz, and Zvi Feldman, captured in Lebanon and held since 1982 didn't even come up.

To make matters worse, U.N. Under-Secretary-General Jan Egeland belittled Israel's concern with Hezbollah's missiles and rockets at a U.N. press conference on August 30...

And Prime Minister Ehud Olmert allows this man, and this organization, to broker a peace between Israel and the folks whom want the Jews exterminated. Well, you get what you pay for, so this pic from
Little Green Footballs should be no surprise:

A Spanish U.N. peacekeeper shakes the hand of a Lebanese Hezbollah supporter wearing a
yellow T-shirt and carrying a Hezbollah flag as he marches in the southern village of Kfar Kila, Lebanon, Thursday, Sept. 21, 2006, on his way to attend the massive victory rally that will take place in Beirut Friday afternoon. Hundreds of Hezbollah supporters from across southern Lebanon began marching on foot toward Beirut for a major rally planned Friday to showcase the group’s insistence it won’t disarm.

Nice job, Ehud - hey, remember that movie "
The Lost Boys"?

Don't ever invite a vampire into your house, you silly boy. It renders you powerless.

And so you have rendered Israel...maybe that's why
this is no surprise:

Israelis would vote Prime Minister Olmert out of office if elections were held now, polls indicated yesterday, as the defiant premier defended his performance in the Lebanon war and lashed out at his critics...
...Two polls published yesterday indicted Mr. Olmert was rapidly losing support and that the leader of the hawkish Likud, archrival Benjamin Netanyahu, was poised for a comeback...

....A survey by the Dialog polling company, published in the Ha'aretz newspaper, showed 68% of Israelis were unhappy with Mr. Olmert, compared with 40% on August 1, midway through the war. Just 22% were satisfied with his performance, compared with 48% in the previous poll...
If an election were held today, Likud would double its strength, winning 24 of 120 parliament seats — making it the largest party and Mr. Netanyahu the possible premier — while Mr. Olmert's centrist Kadima would fall to 16 seats from 29, according to the poll. Elections are not scheduled until 2010, but no Israeli government in the past decade has completed its four-year term.
In a survey in the Yediot Achronot daily, 27% said Mr. Netanyahu was most suited to be prime minister, compared to just 7% who chose Mr. Olmert.....

Beauty of a democracy, I guess - losers in the West don't get to
stand over the smoking rubble of their once-revitalized nation and claim victory, they are sent to a well-deserved political oblivion instead...

But Koffi, as we noted above, does everything in his power to slam the democracies and prop up the Hezbollahs of the world...that's why he's usually pictured smiling; the results have been going in his direction for a while now...

UPDATE: If I may take one more shot at Ehud Olmert... apparently, Lebanese Cedar Trees are more valuable than the lives of Jews:

On Rosh Hashana, as Is raelis reflect on what the war in Lebanon means to their future, they know they must solve such problems as Hezbollah's secret "nature preserve."
Israeli intelligence allowed the air force to KO all of the guerrillas' long-range missiles, warehoused in the Bekaa Valley, in the war's first 39 minutes.

But Iranian engineers and Hezbollah had built an underground arsenal some 12 miles long by nine miles wide, a senior government official said.
And that let Hezbollah hide - under the forest - short- and medium-range missiles built by Syria based on Chinese technology. Using hydraulic systems and other innovations, missile launchers would surface, then quickly go back below. The heavy bushes and vegetation hid all.

As Israel grew suspicious of the preserve, it weighed its options, including burning off the trees and vegetation with napalm. That was rejected for fear of world reaction to the use of Vietnam-era weaponry to destroy the legendary cedars of Lebanon.

Of course there would have been an outcry, but there always is when those pesky Jews dare to defend their lives instead of just quietly rolling over and dying. Napalming the forest would have brought about condemnation, to be sure, but it also would have engendered a healthy debate over enviornment versus human life. After all, trees can always be replanted...
But according to Olmert, the risk of negative PR was too great. Instead, current and future generations of Jews will be slaughtered by Hezbollah's terrorists, so that the Lebanese Cedars can stand tall.

How comforting!

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