Sunday, September 10, 2006

How Dare They!

Headline and teaser sentence in today's WaPo:

GOP Plans to Get Personal
Republicans aim to limit election losses with renewed attacks on Democratic candidates.

How dare those dirty Republicans fight back against our attacks? When Democrats point out that all Republicans are racist, corrupt war-mongers, the wing-nuts are required to sit still, smile dumbly, and agree! Arguing issues, pointing out our foibles, and exposing the alleged weakness of our candidates is just unfair campaigning, that's all!

Really....if we Democrats lose this time, it proves that Rove and his fascist comrades must be fixing the elections! I mean, we're right about everything - just read the New York Times, or the Washington Post! C'mon, look at today's Post - here's a story about how much Bush is hated overseas (and that's only the headline; the article is really about all the cool stuff that Democratic pollster Mark Mellman found out!), and here's another one that claims even evangelicals are turning on him! You cannot find even one positive word about President Bush in the whole darned Washington Post - doesn't that tell you something???

Yet the Republicans refuse to lie down and die quietly - look at poor Senator
Robert Menedez in New Jersey; obviously the federal probe of his finances are politically motivated; you know Cheney is pulling the strings somewhere! There is no way an incumbant Democrat can be behind in the polls in a blue state - see, the fix is already in! And doing nasty things like informing voters in Wisconsin that a Democratic candidate (Dr. Steve Kagen) has sued over 80 patients - c'mon, who needs useless facts like that, when we all we need to know is that "Bush lied"??

Which reminds me, why is ABC wasting valuable airtime on the "Road to 9/11" when we already know that the Bush Administration launched the attacks in order to wage war for oil? If they weren't so deep in the pocket of the fascist Right, ABC would instead be airng a documentary on Hillary Clinton - now that's something all Americans (that I know, anyway) would love to watch!

Well ! I can't wait for the Michael Moore movie on this election to come out...!

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