Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New Jersey Democrats Spit on National Security

Considering that many of the 9/11 hijackers spent time living in New Jersey, and two of the hijacked planes took off from Newark, one would think the state would be sensitive to the security concerns of the country, and of its citizens.


Instead, the Democratic machine controlling New Jersey is fighting to overturn some of the security measures that have kept us free from attack for five years. The state attorney general is
challenging the federal government on the wiretap issue:

New Jersey has the right to obtain information about a federal domestic surveillance program because that program is no longer a secret, the state argued in response to federal efforts to quash its investigation.
The Justice Department wants to throw "an impenetrable cloak insulating the federal government's domestic surveillance activities from all judicial scrutiny," acting New Jersey Attorney General Anne Milgram said yesterday.

New Jersey prosecutors subpoenaed 10 phone companies in May because of suspicion that state consumer-protection laws may have been violated if phone companies were turning over records to the National Security Agency.
The federal government sued the New Jersey attorney general's office in federal court June 14, claiming compliance with the state's subpoenas or even acknowledging the existence of such a program would threaten national security.

The state in its response, filed late Friday, argued: "There is no secret for the state secret privilege to protect."

So private companies are complying with national requests to protect New Jersey's (and the nation's) security, and what happens? A grandstanding Democratic AG makes a politically motivated attempt to shut it down by issuing subpoenas to further expose the program. I guess it is OK to fly planes into buildings, argues New Jersey, if the price of stopping them involves any type of electronic survailance. Hey, those Americans forced to jump from the 100th floor of the World trade Center on 9/11 at least died with their civil liberties somewhat intact, right? Methinks they woudl rather be alive with their loved ones, but the state of New Jersey knows better...

There is no one, NO ONE, in New Jersey who supports the state's actions here, save for the far left and Democratic toadies trying to make a name for themselves on the bodies of future dead Americans. It is bad enough that
disgraced former Governor James McGreevey placed his gay lover in charge of the state's security; now the state is trying furiously to undo federal measures to protect the country simply because it chafes against their liberal agenda.
With Jon Corzine as the Don Capo of the state, there is no doubt that this action is being taken with his approval. And where does Bob Menendez stand on this? Anyone in the Jersey media have the guts to ask, or are they too busy fawning over his calls for the United States to surrender Iraq to al-Qaeda?

New Jersey continues to be a joke; but what did my mom always say? "It's only funny until someone gets hurt!".
How many will die in the next terror assault launched from New Jersey, executed while our so-called leaders fought to prevent its exposure?

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