Saturday, September 30, 2006

Jimmy "Dhimmi" Carter gets a beatdown!

Victor Davis Hanson brutally dissects the failure and immorality of America's worst President:

Jimmy Carter... almost immediately was back in the news claiming that the United States was one of the world’s great abusers of civil rights (I wonder how our internecine body count in Plains, Georgia stacks up with that in Rwanda, Kosovo, or Dafur?).

In his dotage, Carter is proving once again that he is as malicious and mean-spirited a public figure as he is historically ignorant. And for all his sanctimonious Christian veneer, and fly-fishing, ‘aw shucks blue-jeans image, he can’t hide an essentially ungracious and unkind soul.

And can Carter point to just one aspect of current American life where civil liberties are materially curtailed, in which an American can’t do what he wants? Getting on a plane without shampoo doesn’t count—or not having your family at the gate when you land either: all thanks to al Qaeda, not George Bush.

Contrast our enemies: the pope, an opera, a novel, a cartoon, a film—all either muzzled or intimidated by the mere fear of Islamic violence. Carter should reread Aristotle’s Ethics and learn what true morality is: action to combat evil, not sermonizing from the Carter Center or campaigning for a Nobel Prize at a time of war by trashing his own government.

There is another disturbing element to Cartesian maliciousness. He asks us to forget all the dilemmas of being President, the necessity of making bad choices when the alternative is usually worse. And, of course, he seems to have amnesia about his own failings that put this country in grave jeopardy. He sanctimoniously lectured us on our Cold War fixation on communism—and got a murderous Soviet invasion of Afghanistan....
He wept for the middle class, but adopted policies that led to double-digit interest rates and inflation, ensuring that only the upscale could borrow for a house or ensure their salaries would keep up with the cost of living. No need to mention his energy policy or gas lines.

Carter’s Waterloo, of course was the Iranian hostage crisis. It was not just that his gutting of the military helped to explain the rescue disaster. Far more importantly, we can chart the rise of radical political Islam with the storming of the American embassy in Teheran and the impotent response of Jimmy Carter.
Long before George Bush was elected to anything, crowds in Teheran gave us the genesis of the Great Satan and “Death to Carter”. Does he remember that so great was the Iranian Islamist hatred of him, that Iran deliberately delayed the brokered release of the hostages until he was out of office—a lesson that appeasement wins contempt as the additional wage of its failure.

One of the great failures of the Democratic Party in 2004 was giving this mangy ex-President such a high profile. Most Americans know intuitively what Hanson states above, that Carter's immoral inaction in the face of Islamic terror some 27 years ago gave rise to the perception of America as a paper tiger that could be taunted and defeated. How many innocents have died, and how many wars have we had to fight, since Carter gave fuel to the Islamic fire?

Yet the Dems let this guy speak at the convention...what kind of memories did they think he would invoke? And sitting him in a place of high honor, right next to fellow America-basher Michael Moore...well, entirely appropriate, to be sure, but I can't imagine how these two could inspire any but the already die-hard to vote Democratic...

Well, the 2006 election cycle is upon us. Let us hope we see much more of this sanctimonious moral prostitute pimping the candidates of the left - the more America sees of Jimmy Carter, the less likely they are to pull the "D" lever, knowing what type of policies he (and they) represent...


Bloodstomper Barbie said...

I like Jimmy. I dunno how old you are but I was around all through his presidency. Compared to the fuckwads you creeps had skulking around back then, he was a real breath of fresh air. He made the country great so that you guys could bring in that bobble-headed actor and his astrology-addicted wife. You probably have amnesia about the gasoline crisis back then, too. What's that bisexual George W doing about the one we have now? Nothing. "Bend over, I'll drive!"

I bet this was you that pushed the little girl here.

The JerseyNut said...

I was quite alive through Jimmy Carter's presidency, thank you, and remember hours-long lines for gasoline, Soviet invasions of Afghanistan, double-digit inflation, and defeat at the hands of Ayatollah Khomeni.
A breath of fresh air? Maybe, if you hate America - it would have been your high point...oh, how the falling of the Berlin Wall must have disappointed you so...

As far as that post you link to - the guy who pushed the little girl was a jerk, but to instantly cry racism is utter nonsense - I've seen black people push white people, black people take seats from pregnant black women, hispanics fight hispanics over a pole to hold onto, and whitey push around whitey - all on pretty much a daily basis.
But whoever wrote that post is as angry as her demented hero on the train.
But it wasn't me - I ride the "E" train.