Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"You Are Being Lied To..."

Ralph Peters knows, because unlike 99.9% of the mainstream media, he is actually there, in Iraq, to report firsthand:

THE reporting out of Baghdad continues to be hysterical and dishonest. There is no civil war in the streets. None. Period.
Terrorism, yes. Civil war, no. Clear enough?
Yesterday, I crisscrossed Baghdad, visiting communities on both banks of the Tigris and logging at least 25 miles on the streets. With the weekend curfew lifted, I saw traffic jams, booming business — and everyday life in abundance.
Yes, there were bombings yesterday. The terrorists won't give up on their dream of sectional strife, and know they can count on allies in the media as long as they keep the images of carnage coming.

And the people here have been impressed that their government reacted effectively to last week's strife, that their soldiers and police brought order to the streets. The transition is working.
Most Iraqis want better government, better lives — and democracy. It is contagious, after all. Come on over. Talk to them. Watch them risk their lives every day to work with us or with their government to build their own future

You are being lied to. By elements in the media determined that Iraq must fail...

The media decided from day one that Iraq was a quagmire, a new Vietnam, a war America must lose in order to re-set the liberal agenda and discredit George Bush. No matter how dangerous these lies are to the American people, the media sees their paramount duty as protecting their self-image. Utterly disgraceful, and combined with their capitulation to Islamic extremists on issues of free speech, borderline treasonous.

More good news, showing our troops and our war effort in a postiive light that the MSM cannot bring themselves to portray, found here.

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