Thursday, March 16, 2006

The EU, in Rare Form...

Watching any gathering of EU officials is always a double-downer sideshow; oberving them, I feel a great sadness at what the Continent has de-evolved into. Today's meeting of EU "deputies" is a helping of infantile pique, sniveling, and anti-Semitism, all rolled into one:

European parliamentarians roundly criticised Israel for an army raid on a West Bank prison which forced Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas to cut short his visit to Europe.
Deprived of a long-awaited address by Abbas, whose impoverished Palestinian territories receive vast amounts of EU aid, the deputies condemned the attack and the wave of revenge kidnappings it fuelled.

Party group leaders and even the president of the assembly, Josep Borrell, condemned the action and questioned whether it had really helped Israel or if it was a ploy ahead of the elections on March 28.
"It was a useless and unfair military operation. How could an operation of this kind, with its humiliating images, reinforce Israel's security?" he said.
"The future of this region has been sacrificed," said Greens bloc leader Daniel Cohn-Bendit for a "tactical manouevre" motivated by the general elections.
"If this is what Israel's domestic political goals are, it will be fatal," said the head of the Socialist group, Martin Schulz.
Others said that Israel's actions on Tuesday, which netted people wanted for killing a cabinet minister, had undermined the authority of the relatively moderate Abbas as the militant group Hamas tries to form a new government.
"The fact that he had to return home early illustrates even more the gravity of this new and deliberately humiliating Israeli escalation in Palestine and its sadly predictable consequences, like the unacceptable abductions," the parliament's United Left/Nordic Green Left group said in a statement.
"Will the Union once again fail to react to this torpedo on peace which as usual will weaken those Palestinians who seek a peaceful solution
the most...[what, all six of them?? - ed.]

What I find particularly repugnant here is the fact that this rage was brought on by the fact that these deputies were "deprived of a long-awaited address by Abbas". Yeah , I know, it must somehow be a violation of their civil rights. But it seems as if they were about to feel an almost sensual relish in watching Mr. Abbas thank them for their alms, and then plead for even more. Do these militant leftists really care about helping the poor Palestinians so much, or do they also act in order to feed some type of darker need in themselves? Their anger, displayed above, reminds me of nothing more than fury a bar lout who is denied a conquest by a girl still sober enough to refuse.

Note also, the repeated use of the word "humiliation" as an adjective to the Palestinian state. To these Euros, justice is letting prisoners involved in the assasination of a high governent walk free; injustice is forcing them to feel "humiliated" by being forced to serve their time. Incidently, I didn't hear any Palestinians themselves say they were shamed at all; the label is being affixed onto them by their humanitarian European benefactors.

Perhaps it really is time to let Europe go; perhaps it is destined to collapse, and our well-meaning sacrifice for them in two world wars did nothing more than to delay the inevitable. Better, to grow tighter with India, Japan, and the Aussies than to sucked into a final European maelstrom as its withered body is finally sucked dry by its corrupt soul.

It will still be our duty to stand at attention, and hold our hats over our hearts...

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