Friday, March 24, 2006

A Blogiversary !

So it has been exactly one year since my first post - the so-called “blogiversary”, if you will...

I’ve seen some bloggers practically dislocate their shoulders patting themselves on the back on this occasion; not quite my style.
But I will say that I started blogging really as a way to get my thoughts on the world as it is (and as it should be) out of my head and onto paper, virtual though it may be. Blogging became a way to vent, more than anything else. I thought I would eventually spend out my frustration, and become bored with writing for an invisible audience, leaving my URL to die on the vine, more a snapshot of a few months in my life than anything else.
Turned out different than I expected, like so much in life…I enjoyed it more than I thought; and what started out as a hobby now borders on an obsession; one that I occasionally need to force myself to walk away from.
Bottom line – nothing’s over; hopefully I’ve just begun (which is a strange thing to say on my 439th post!).

And a big thanks to the thousands upon thousands whom have stopped by to pay a visit; to read, to write, to sneer…I have actually learned from my comments that there are more people than I thought who can respectfully disagree based upon solid argumentation; I’ve enjoyed some of that give and take tremendously; it has broadened me and tempered me.
And thanks to my fellow bloggers (and even!) for the occasional link; the fact that I have written something that another would think to recommend is the highest compliment I can think of.

Again, my humble thanks.
Now, back to work…


Jkw said...

Happy Blogiversary !

I enjoy your writing, keep up the Good Work.

The JerseyNut said...

Thanks, JKW!