Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Chirac: "Hostile"? Towards Whom?

Finally, Jacques Chirac gets hostile, but against whom? Terrorists who riot in the Paris suburbs? French Muslims whom torture and kill young Jews? Islamists who wage war to limit free speech? No, silly...he is hostile towards America, of course! For once, I believe al-Jazeera:

The French president has endorsed Hamas's view that sanctions against the Palestinian Authority will serve only to hurt ordinary people.
Speaking on Monday in Saudi Arabia, Jacques Chirac said he was against any international sanctions on the Palestinian Authority (PA), which is now lead by the resistance group Hamas.
"I know well that there are some who envisage sanctions," he said
"For my part, I am hostile to sanctions in general and in this case in particular ... basically the Palestinian people would bear the brunt of it."
Hamas won an election landslide in January, prompting Israel, the US and the European Union, which includes France, to threaten to withhold funding unless Hamas renounces its armed struggle and recognises Israel.

Since it is America who is leading the charge against Hamas' policies of war, Chirac can only be referring to the U.S. (and perhaps more conservative elements within the EU) when he states he is "hostile" towards sanctions. Note he does not state he is hostile towards Hamas' refusal to end its war against Israel, nor does he show any anger towards terrorism in general. No, his ire is directed only to those whom wish to fight Hamas and what they represent.

Chirac is blinded by ideology; he is worse than the devoutly religious that his ilk so regularly deride. By aiding Hamas, he aids terror - every dollar less that Hamas has to pay to take care of its own people is a dollar more they can spend on warfare against Israel. He absolves the Palestinians of their choice for war over peace by rewarding their election of modern-day Nazi with hundreds of millions in aid. And despite Hamas' continued call for war against the Jews, Chirac feels that Hamas works under some sort of biological imperative that states once they obtain power, they will become peaceful, because...that's what liberal ideology states! Chirac has no proof for his claim, no historical precedent to back him up; in fact all of recent history flies in his face, yet he stubbornly sticks to his leftist script.
What a zealot!

What else was this pathetic dhimmi up to on his trip to Saudi Arabia?

French President Jacques Chirac on a trip to Saudi Arabia preached on Sunday greater tolerance and respect after the publication of satirical cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad a month ago whipped up protests around the world.
The president's comments to the Saudi consultative council were also made the day after Al Qaeda's deputy leader in a message on the Internet called on Muslims to boycott countries where the countries had been published, including France.

Was Chirac calling for Muslim nations to show tolerance for Western Values? If you believe that, I've got a bridge I'd like to sell ya....

In his last act of surrender, and his final display of refusing to bow to reality, we have Chirac's comments on Iran:

"In Iran, the voice of reason that France, the United Kingdom and Germany wanted to be heard on the nuclear file has not been heard, for the time being,” Chirac told the appointed advisory council. But despite the failure of negotiations between Tehran and the EU, “the hand remains stretched out, and Iran can, at any moment, take it back by restoring its commitment to suspension of sensitive (nuclear) work”.

Iran has defied the United Nations, declared its desire to nuke Israel, waged war against American soldiers (not that Chirac cares about that), and has supported terror across the globe. But none of that will cause Mr. Chirac to withdraw his extended hand from Iran; his rigid appeasement ideology will not allow it. I honestly believe Chirac would rather be killed while trying to sue for peace from an implacable foe than to die fighting them, defending his honor and his country. Again, note that Chirac does not consider the U.S. to be a "voice of reason", and was probably beaming when he heard this from his Saudi hosts:

Shura Council president Sheikh Saleh bin Humaid praised Chirac for his opposition to the US-led war in Iraq and described him as “the president of the friendly French republic. “The foreign policy of your government is marked with political wisdom,” he said in his speech welcoming Chirac. “Events (in Iraq) show that foreign interference in the affairs of nations is not in the interest of people nor world peace.”

The very fact that the Saudis so oppose the war in Iraq is a sign of its rightousness; but Chirac is such the dhimmi syncophant that he most likely ate up this twisted praise.

"Political wisdom", indeed...didn't Hitler praise the West for the same thing at Munich?

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Anonymous said...

Chirac is like every other Arab statesman - says one thing to the English-speaking media; another to the arabic press.