Sunday, March 12, 2006

Washington Post Sunday Jihad Edition

Well, it wouldn't be a Sunday issue of the Washington Post unless they were forking over editorial space to terrorists, or their sympathizers. Today, under the headline "The Crime of Being a Muslim Charity" (wow, really tugs at the heartstrings, huh?), we get this tale of poor Muslim woe:

The Treasury Department is playing target practice with American Muslim charities. On Feb. 19 Treasury seized the assets and froze the operations of KindHearts, a Toledo-based humanitarian organization, acting on the dubious allegation that it is financing terrorism...
...the message we are hearing is this: "All Muslims are suspected of supporting terrorism. Your charities are guilty of this crime until proven innocent. But don't bother trying to prove your innocence because you won't have the chance."
...Our crime is that we care about what happens to the children of Palestine. Who knows what price we will have to pay for our hot-breakfast program for hungry kids in Gaza, for our playground project in the West Bank, for our psychosocial trauma center in Hebron...

World smallest violin, please...thank you.
Let's learn a little bit about why our friends at KindHearts were closed...from WTOL in Toldeo:

A federal magistrate ordered a terrorism suspect held without bond Tuesday on charges of plotting with two co-defendants to wage attacks against U.S. and allied troops by recruiting and training others to fight overseas. The government argued in U.S. District Court that Mohammad Zaki Amawi, who has dual U.S.-Jordanian citizenship, should not be released because of the risk of harm to the community or the chance that he would flee the country....
...According to a federal indictment that was unsealed a week ago, government prosecutors say El-Hindi and Mazloum conspired with Mohammad Zaki Amawi to wage a "holy war" against America and its service people overseas. The three reportedly met to plan attacks, but also to gather equipment, money, supplies, and information needed to carry out those attacks.
Amawi is also facing separate charges that he distributed bomb-making information, and twice threatened the life of President George W. Bush.

And the connection to KindHearts, from the Toldeo Blade:

A fourth man identified in the federal indictment only as "the Trainer," but identified by local Muslims as 39-year-old Toledoan Darren Griffin, or "Bilal," worked part time at KindHearts for more than three years.
Jihad Smaili, a Cleveland lawyer who is a member of KindHearts' board
and the brother of the man whose home on Woodley was searched by federal agents, said the inventory and the investigations have shown the group to be innocent. He said the shutdown exposes the U.S. government's desire to discredit and cut off all support, even humanitarian, to Palestinian territories because of Hamas' political victory.

Well, thanks for your opinion, "Jihad"...if you guys wonder why many Americans are distrustful of your motives, look at the name of your lawyer...I doubt a representative for the German Bund in the '40's named "Hitler" would have gotten to much love either...

Look, my poor charitable Muslim friends, you had a man working for you who was actively supporting warring factions against the United States. No matter what race/religion you are, that's a crime. The "poor little persecuted us" meme may work on the liberals at the MSM op-ed pages, but it si not going to play well anywhere else. If you want to be left alone, make sure your employees are not actively plotting the downfall of America, OK?

And while you are at it, remember that the United States has declared Hamas to be a terrorist organization (maybe because of all of those buses full of schoolkids they bombed?); and the fact they have obtained politcal power does not change that fact, nor absolve them of any responsibility of their past misdeeds. There is a difference between recognizing a foreign government, and supporting a foreign government, and if you want to stay out of jail you had better learn the distinction.

And when does the Washington Post, in all of its evenhanded glory, intend on giving some editorial space to the victims of Hamas, anyway?

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