Thursday, March 23, 2006

Battleground Europe

Great article in The American Thinker on why Europe will be the next battleground in the War on Terror:

It appears likely that Europe will be the next major battleground in the Long War.

The Jihadis, following public humiliation on their own home ground, will need a means of proving that they’re still in the game, and Europe is vulnerable. It abuts directly against ancient Muslim homelands at several points, has a substantial and unintegrated Muslim population, has offered active Jihadis sanctuary within its borders, has pursued reckless immigration and security policies,
and has supped with the Devil through its open support of Saddam Hussein (paid for with Iraqi oil funds) and Muslim terror organizations such as Al Fatah and Hamas.

And how effective is the European Union oh-so-liberal style of government is this type of situation?

...the European Union, has established itself, in defiance of the experience of the past century, as the kind of managerial superstate proven unfeasible just about everywhere else on earth...meddling in international affairs while attempting to micromanage those of its own citizens, wasting immense amounts of resources on trivial aims, and generating completely avoidable crises to no rational purpose. The EU is about the last form of government capable of leading a fight for survival, but it’s what the Europeans have.

Just great...well, can they defend themselves at all ?

As if this wasn’t enough, Europe has also been functionally debellicized, a word coined by British military historian Micheal Howard meaning “a refusal to consider armed force as a means of settling disputes.”
Anti-bellicism is held more as an unthought conviction, the cliché that “war never solves anything” raised to a rule of behavior.

Such a development may have been necessary to avoid further bloodlettings along the lines of the world wars, but never let it be said that it does not have drawbacks. It was anti-bellicism that lay behind Europe’s shameful lack of response to the crimes of Bosnia and Kosovo during the 90s. While debellicized Europeans talked, thousands were massacred and thriving towns turned into wastelands. Anti-bellicism also explains the Spanish reaction to the March 2004 Madrid train bombings....

I am done with fretting over Europe's decline; spilt milk and all that...but there is a great danger to America here. The last thing I want to see, besides a Europe enslaved under sharia law, is American soldiers being buried in French soil again, because the free nations of the Continent quailed before fascism...again. After saving them in WWII, and defending them for the next half-century, America has become an enabler of the arrogant PC socialism that is eating away at Europe's soul. Better to let them take their beating and hope they emerge victorious (eventually), with a better understanding of the value of freedom and the costs needed to preserve it.

And yet...should the jihadis obtain a strong foothold in Europe, it will only serve as a forward base for attacks on the United States, the Islamist's final foe on the way to global Islamification. And a scorched-earth invasion and battle, not unlike those that ravaged the cities and populations of Europe in the second half of WWII, may be the only way to protect America and free the West from radical Islamofascism. It seems as if no matter what path history takes here, it may be inevitable that America gets drawn into a third world war within Europe...

If that is to be the case, our elected officials need to "stand up" to Europe - let them know loudly and firmly that their kowtowing to Islamist radicals is unacceptable; that their financing of Hamas is in violation of their precious international law, and most importantly, they had better be ready to fight when the time comes.

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