Wednesday, March 22, 2006


From yesterday's post on Charlie Sheen's 9-11 conspiracy fantasies; we get this comment:

Wow, you really are a brainwashed moron. See you in the FEMA camp.

Sweet Jeebus, FEMA runs concentration/re-education camps now? Is that what they are cutting down so many trees in New Jersey to build? What a waste, when we already have Gitmo sitting there at less than full prisoner capacity!

Well, check out the comment that follows, as well - it's the whole 9-11 conspiracy theory laid bare for all of us brainwashed morons. Didn't know it was a plot by the neo-cons, Jews, and an international cabel of bankers? It's all there, with links!

Although much of it is disagreeable to me, I won't delete it because, one, it look like it took some time and like all conservatives, I respect hard work (even in a foolish cause!). Two, because in my little house here speech really is free, unless it is truly hateful. Then again, I cannot guarentee some of those links will not disappear if I don't like where they send me...

To my conspiracy-minded friends, and to Charlie Sheen, I say this: I was there that day. Staring out my window in disbelief as the second plane flew into the Trade Center. Watching, with a sickening feeling, as the towers collapsed.
I am a witness. And like those who suffered the Holocaust and now must hear how it never happened, we must suffer the fools that tell us not to believe our eyes, not to listen to those who bragged of the attack, but to believe them when they say it was all a U.S. government plot. Despite what I saw that day, I am the one that must be wrong ("brainwashed"), because my eyewitness account defies their convoluted theories.

I'll leave you with Daimian Penny's thoughts:

Sheen has every single conspirazoid talking point down...You know the really depressing thing? This is what everyone in Hollywood will believe by 2010.

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Mary said...

"Sweet Jeebus, FEMA runs concentration/re-education camps now?"