Saturday, March 18, 2006

Skirmish in Somilia

The next time the Democrats whine about an immmediate Iraqi pullout, remind them of what happens when vacuums are left in unstable states - like in Bill Clinton's Somolia! From Atlas Shrugs:

Two U.S. Navy warships exchanged gunfire with suspected pirates Saturday off the coast of Somalia, and one suspect was killed and five others were wounded, the navy said.
The suspected pirates were holding what appeared to be rocket-propelled grenade launchers, the navy said. When the suspects began shooting, naval gunners returned fire with mounted machine guns, killing one man and igniting a fire on the vessel

This descent into centuries-old barbarism is what the world has to look forward to if America should lose its war on terror. And what does it say of the world, if most of them are so voraciously rooting against us?

UPDATE: After reading this list of links at Gateway Pundit; maybe I should re-think my phrase "voraciously...". With the timid crowds at the anti-war rallies Gateway refers to, maybe I should not be confusing the leftist overseas media with the people they claim to be writing for...
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Anonymous said...

Nice tie-in of the WoT with the Somalia pirates - bet the rest of the world would not/could not make that connection; probably would find other "root causes"