Saturday, January 28, 2006

Welcome To Terrorstan!

Via Little Greeen Footballs, here's what the composition of the new Palestinian Legislature looks like:

Of the 66 national seats, the terror factions took 60 (30 for HAMAS, 27 for FATAH, 3 for PFLP). The other six winners include former Finance Minister Salam Fayyad, former PA spokesperson Hanan Ashrawi, and former Presidential candidate Mustafa Barghouti.
Of the 60 local seats not reserved for Christians, HAMAS won 46. FATAH won ten, plus the six reserved seats. The remaining four seats went to “independents.”
HAMAS will have a stronger grip on the legislature than the Republicans do in either the U.S. Senate or the House of Representatives. FATAH, with less than one third of the seats, is a weak minority party.

Of the 132 legislators elected, no more than 10 are unaffiliated with a terror group.

And of course, the candidate named
Hitler was indeed elected to the Palestinian parliament! And via Gateway Pundit, we have more winners:

proud mother of three suicide bombers won a seat in parliament for Hamas. She was one of the most popular Hamas candidates and is said to be able to work a crowd like a veteran politician.

Wow, with those credentials maybe they should make her their UN Ambassador; I'm sure the motley crew on Manhattan's East Side would welcome her with open arms. Bill Clinton doesn't seem that upset with the results as he urges the same surrender policy that worked so well during his tragic administration:

Former U.S. president Bill Clinton on Saturday praised Israel's "shrewd" response to a shock win by Hamas in Palestinian elections and urged the militants to act responsibly once in power.

Shrewd as in Israel hasn't attacked yet? Dhimmi Clinton urged Israel to never fight back, buying into the whole "cycle of violence" thing, and the cycle seemed to ride right over the dead bodies of Israeli civilians. Sharon put paid to that, and the Palestinians at least no longer have illusions about winning a war with Israel (they only hope that thru Hamas they can inflict as much pain as possible).

Asked if he believed Hamas could recognize Israel, having advocated its destruction until now, Clinton said: "I think there's a way to work through this, yes. I think there's a way to get them into that, I mean I hope there is."

As if this admission would change everything - Arafat recognized Israel, so everything he did after that was OK with Bill, no matter how many dead Jews lay sprawled on the ground.

Clinton, who worked intensively on the peace process and narrowly failed to clinch a historic Israeli-Palestinian accord toward the end of his presidency...

He didn't "narrowly fail", al-Reuters...Clinton was played for a fool by Arafat for eight consecutive years, and wound up empty handed. Perhaps the only legacy he has here is his help in allowing the culture of terror to develop so solidly in the territories under his watch. His policy of appeasement, of not fighting back against terror attacks on Israel or America, was catastrophic for both nations. At this crucial juncture, the mistakes of the past cannot be repeated...

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The probligo said...

"Democracy" apparently does not mean "free and open elections".

The true meaning of democracy -

"Elect only friends of the right whinge, neo-con, Bush worshipping America.