Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Brokeback Stats !

Here's where everyone's favorite gay cowboy flick sits to date:

Domestic: $23,051,000 99.0%
+ Overseas: $228,000 1.0%
= Worldwide:

Release Dates:
December 9, 2005 (limited);
January 13, 2006 (wide)
Opening Weekend: (limited, 5 theaters)
$547,425 ($109,485 avg)
Widest Release: 483 theaters
In Release: 32 days / 4.6 weeks

So January 13th is the big day for Brokeback Mountain; if it holds that per-screen average when they add another 1000 theatres, every studio in Hollywood will be reading scripts for the next big gay buddy flick. Prediction here: Good opening weekend; followed by significant drop off. May still do $100 million; but those are hardly blockbuster numbers anymore.

Is the positive press on this movie already a win for the left in their culture war against America? Even if the movie produces only mediocre box-office from here on out, will the various accolades and Oscars convince every studio to put out its own non-traditional love story?

Honestly - I am rooting against this movie, NOT AGAINST GAYS, because I believe it is another attempt by the left coast to mainstream ideals that are not in sync with the large majority of Americans. But all it will take is a few more idiots - like our man in Utah who "banned" Brokeback {} - to make Ang Lee and his lavender cowpokes into American heroes.

Let's see, this is gonna be interesting...

Stats above at Box Office Mojo here:

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