Wednesday, January 04, 2006

(French) Food for Thought...

...But first, a report from E-Nough! on the current state of affairs in Europe's liberal paradise:

Southern France train attacked and robbed

A Nice-Lyon train, with about 600 people aboard, has been attacked on January 1, 2006 (Happy New Year to you too) by 2 gangs of 15 "youths" that robbed some passengers and sexually attacked a 20-year-old woman. Two of them, born in Morocco according to the article, have been arrested. One of them would be an illegal alien...

UPDATE: Apparently, not only did the passengers hardly try to defend themselves, they also refused to lodge a complaint for fear of retaliation. The French, state-owned, railway company did as well as two or three passengers. Attackers had screamed death threats to those who had called the police on their cell phones.

Now my question:
If, on 9/11, United Airlines Flight 93 had been manned by Frenchmen (or Europeans, for argument's sake), would their have been a passenger revolt that, while costing them their own lives, likely saved the lives of uncounted thousands of others?

My answer:
Never. The European citizen is so docile, so bereft of independent thought, so reliant on pushing the responsibilities of existence onto bureaucratic "others", that nary a soul would have thought to move that day, with God knows what unimaginable consequences. That is the difference between the American spirit, and the conscience of a European.

Doubt it? Re-read E-nough! again, here: ; and don't fret! We'll discuss another day how France is reverting back to America's Wild West days of the mid- 1800' that's liberal progress for you!

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