Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Plantation II

We've talked before about the virulant racism thrown by Democrats at any black man or women whom dares step off their plantation and have a thought or two on their own( ); Senator Ken Salazar of Colorado seems to be the latest to be bitten by the liberal racism bug. Via Amy Ridenour:

Look at this Rocky Mountain News story:

Colorado Sen. Ken Salazar on Wednesday called U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas an "abomination" compared with the late Justice Thurgood Marshall...
"There are members of the U.S. Supreme Court that I very much disagree with. Clarence Thomas, for example, I think is an abomination when you contrast him to the leadership and principles of someone like Thurgood Marshall. I've been in front of the court and I know the justices..."

Maybe Senator Salazar would like to claim that it is just a coincidence the he compared Justice Thomas to the only other black Justice.
Maybe Senator Salazar would like to claim that he would have singled out Justice Thomas even if Justice Thomas was white.
Maybe Senator Salazar, if asked without first being given time to have a staffer look up the answer for him, can explain the difference in judicial philosophy between Justices Thomas and Antonin Scalia -- the distinction great enough to get the black man labeled an "abomination" while the white man is left uncriticized.

I would need a mind-reading machine to prove it, but I believe this is what Senator Salazar, in his heart of hearts, thinks: "Justice Thomas is an abomination because he is black and holds views different from the views I and other mostly-white liberals believe he should hold. Justice Scalia and Chief Justice Roberts are allowed to hold views of their own choosing because they are white men, but Thomas should not, because Thomas is black."
Didn't some other Senator say something recently about Congress being "run like a plantation"? Maybe she was thinking of Senator Salazar's views.

Nasty stuff, but it will be hard to change the black vote easily. Race baiters like Jackson and Sharpton are constantly handed money for their pet projects by Democratic Congressman in return for some first-class shilling for the party/candidate. It is the middle class blacks that are tiring of this pandering, knowing there is a backhand slap in the offing if they dare vote another way. The Republicans need to point this out to the black community, and express clearly what distinguishes them from the left-hand side. They should do the same with the Jewish community, pointing out the many anti-Semetic remarks made by elected Democratic officials, or made in their presence, about which the Dems do absolutely nothing.
They will not win any type of majority this year or next from these two groups, but the effort to spread the truth should begin in haste....

Amy Ridenour's National Center Blog here:

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