Sunday, January 15, 2006

Iran Warns The West: Roll Over!

The limp-wristed Europeans threaten toothless sanctions against Iran, and even that is too much of an affront to the Middle East's homegrown Hitler...from Little Green Footballs:

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the hardline President of Iran, launched an angry tirade against the West yesterday, accusing it of a ‘dark ages’ mentality and threatening retaliation unless it recognised his country’s nuclear ambitions.
In a blistering assault, Ahmadinejad repeated the Islamic regime’s position that it would press ahead with a nuclear programme despite threats by the European Union and United States to refer Iran to the UN Security Council, where it could face possible sanctions.

Addressing a rare press conference in Tehran, he appeared to issue thinly veiled threats against Western countries, implying that they could face serious consequences unless they backed down. ‘You need us more than we need you. All of you today need the Iranian nation,’ Ahmadinejad said. ‘Why are you putting on airs? You don’t have that might.’

I know this doesn't scare the United States or Israel, but it could send the Europeans scuttling into their surrender holes...wait, they're already there!

France said Friday it was "premature" to speak of sanctions against Iran for resuming sensitive nuclear activities.

"The question of sanctions is premature," foreign ministry spokesman Jean-Baptiste Mattei said. Instead it was necessary to "proceed step by step" after Thursday's meeting of the French, German and British foreign ministers in Berlin.
Paris would "continue consultations" with Russia, China and its European partners on the issue, the spokesman said...

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And they will continue consultations, until the new Muslim Caliphate is restored to a seat in Paris. But the French have been through this before, and they know the drill - bow down to your new masters, hand over the Jews, and you will be allowed to live...

And let us remind the world whom is actually in the "dark ages"...note the two gentlemen being executed below - do you know what their crime was?

These fellows are being hung for the high crime of being homosexuals in Ahmadinejad's where is GLADD, by the way? Probably still bashing Bush's America as "fascist" and hunting down critics whom give poor reviews to "Brokeback Mountain" (here: ). Pathetic liberals...

The next war is on the horizon and moving fast, like a summer thunderstorm...we'd better get ready, this one is gonna be nasty...

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