Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Dhimmitude in Hollywood: A Money-Loser!

Let's see how well our bowing and scraping Hollywood liberals are doing at the box-office with their America-hating/terrorist-loving flicks:

Syriana - 5+ weeks $33.6 million
Brokeback Mountain - 3 weeks $10.2 million
Munich - 1 week $9.6 million

Some comparisons:
Walk The Line - 6 weeks $89.1 million
Fun with Dick and Jane - 9 days $43.6 million
Cheaper by The Dozen - 1 week $35.8 million

While Brokeback Mountain (Hollywood's example of a holiday love story - homosexual cowboys...) and Munich are playing on only about 1/3 of the screens as Syriana; they are playing in large cities that should be the biggest audience for these type of flicks. When they roll out nationwide (and "Brokeback" simply will not get the same amount of screens as "Dick..."; with small-town theatre operators chosing to run what they believe will fill the most seats), neither film will come close to commanding the dollars necessary to make these liberal lovefests anywhere near profitable.

Note the type of films used here for comparison - Walk The Line, a no-punches-held yet heartful telling of American legend Johnny Cash; Fun With Dick and Jane, a humorous, contemporary tale of a couple wiped out in a stock scandel whom go all "Bonnie and Clyde" to get it back; and Cheaper by The Dozen -simple, traditional family fare.

Now look who's making money, and look who's not. How long can Hollywood sustain itself making liberal-themed blockbusters that flop at the box-office?
Based upon the intellectually bereft thinking that supposes Brokeback Mountain is a movie "all of America" would fall in love with; or that pseudo-docs like Farenheit 911 would turn an election, I cannot believe that Hollywood will see the error of its ways anytime soon. When they finally do wake up, there may be a few less movie studios in business...

Can I reference my post from yesterday? http://jerseynut.blogspot.com/2006/01/in-new-year-optimism.html :

From Hollywood's latest anti-American rant to the decaying New York Times, the stars of the America's Most Arrogant Show have had to learn yet again that we don't take orders from trust-fund snots, campus cowards or actors...

I believe we can now add movie critics to the list...?

Dollar figures above kindly provided by Box Office Mojo here: http://www.boxofficemojo.com/daily/chart/?sortdate=2005-12-29&p=.htm

UPDATE: Roger Simon has his own review of Munich worth reading here http://www.rogerlsimon.com/mt-archives/2006/01/munchen.php ; this would be my banner excerpt:

He [Speilberg] is not in any sense, however, a sophisticated thinker and "Munich" is an ultimately banal film, completely out of his range... It's almost laughable at times and the end of the movie crosses the line into a virtually incoherent grand guignol of sex and mayhem that approaches opera bouffe.

Read it all...

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