Saturday, January 07, 2006

Gays, Apologizing To Their Executioners...

Apparently, homosexuals in Britain are so brainwashed by the cult of PC that they feel the need to bow and scrape to their future Muslim masters, who of course vow to kill them all. Beautiful Atrocities writes a little love letter to his fellow gays across the pond:

Dear Stupid British Homos,
I see you're having the PC vapors after
the renegade Gay & Lesbian Humanist Assn said - are you ready? - Islam is homophobic. No. Shit. Sherlock. As a fellow homo, this seems gratuitous, but in PC England it's so over the top that GLHA execs resigned in disgrace & issued groveling apologies, gay luminaries voiced concern, & something sinister called London-wide Race Hate Crime Forum is pursuing prosecution.
Here's an excerpt of GLHA's vile filth, which actually suggested that medieval Muslim immigrants who don't send their daughters to school &
think Jews perpetrated the WTC attacks don't share Western values:

"What is wrong with being fearful of Islam? (There is a lot to fear) ... What does a moderate Muslim do, other than excuse the real nutters by adhering to this barmy doctrine?"

Holy crap. An outraged gay Muslim group [sic] called the article outrageous. Excuse me, but what kind of stupid sh*t-eating gays apologize for a 7th Century religion whose 21st Century practice includes killing them? In this case, hatred is an appropriate response, & should be encouraged.
While you queens have been frauleining about gay marriage, homos under barmy Islam have been
crushed, hung, stoned, & beheaded. I notice that 60% of British Muslims want Shariah law. Have you seen their birthrate compared to non-Muslim Brits? Maybe GLHA should start running more timely articles like Scaffold-Proof Styling Mousse & Fabulous Accessories from Neck to Toe!
George Bernard Shaw, that pacifist flaneur, said if the Nazis landed, he'd
welcome them as tourists. New flash, sisters: the tourists are already in the house. ... you'll be clicking your Giorgio Brutini heels together for asylum in Kansas, but we have enough problems without a bunch of grievance queens & speech monitors. Besides, you'd really hate our First Amendment; it doesn't go well with yellow.
Your friend,


Well said, Jeff...someone should ask my fellow Jews and your fellow gays why we support the party that keeps telling us we should understand them, we should apologize to them for centuries-old grievences, and we should surrender to them. Both Jews and gays throw their support massively behind the Democrats, whom welcome our eventual murderers, while the Republicans, fighting on our behalf, are left begging for our votes.
We need to wake up and rethink our old paradigms; or perish...

Link to Beautiful Atrocities here:

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Anonymous said...

Bush hating is more important than staying alive, I guess. Thats what liberals call "courage", and what conservatives call stupidity